Daily as I Go

I visited my eye doctor last week because I kept getting headaches and I had the suspicion that it was slightly due to the fact that my eyeglasses were outdated already. I was right – it was changed way back in 2009. No wonder it was blurry already. Apparently though, my grade practically doesn’t go up anymore and it was only the astigmatism that went up. Astigmatism I think is the condition that makes things blurry. Something like that. Anyway, I got my eyeglasses back today but I’m most probably bringing it back tomorrow to the shop. I’ll explain in a later post why I’m kinda nitpicky with this particular eyeglasses aside from the fact that I plan to wear it as much as possible.

Work and school have been requiring me to read a lot. I actually appreciate that fact as I really loved reading ever since I was young and to be getting back to it these days is really fun. Yup, official nerd here. I have always found reading excessively using my contact lenses to be slightly uncomfortable. Hence I decided to invest in my new eyeglasses. The frame I got for free from a BDO card promo as a welcome gift. I wouldn’t buy one that expensive if you ask me but it was free so here it is.


I’ll post more tomorrow hopefully. I don’t want to review these yet (eyeglasses + lenses) as I haven’t tested its particular feature which was the reason I got the lenses in the first place. Let’s just hope there’s plenty of sunshine tomorrow as I need it for my test run.

Bear with me as I try to figure out what to post daily (I promised myself I’d try) that will be more interesting than posts about me running around. I’m sure there are plenty of extraordinary things even in the most seemingly ordinary days. ☺


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