Take 2: Tangled Up in Me

I’m currently trying to give structure to my posts hence yesterday’s post rewritten today. I hope I make this one better.


For someone like me who’s constantly moving (4 offices, 1 school, various site locations, events, seminars, more work disguised as a vacation), I’ve come to realize how important a portable sound system is. Music has this certain way of calming me when I’m stressed or over-hyped. It can also give me much needed energy sometimes. So to make my days packed with meetings and traffic better, I’ve decided to come up with my short list of sound equipment on the go.

1. Portable music device
This is obviously number 1 on the list because without it, there would simply be no music. Case closed. For my music device, I invested way, way before on a 2Gb red iPod Shuffle.


It serves its purpose quite well – handy and durable. I’ve had it for years and until now it works perfectly. Of course it goes without saying that I took good care of it. My only gripe about it is that 2Gb is simply not enough. I don’t store music anywhere else, not in my iPad which is primarily for work or in my phones which are strictly for phone usage – I can’t have my batteries running out on me throughout the day.

Which makes me think of a potential portable music device that I can invest in (some time in the really far far future) – the newly launched 5th generation iPod touch, engraved and in red of course.


The 32Gb one may just be enough but to really make it a complete portable device, the 64Gb may be the one I need. This is my wishful thinking for now but if you really want great portability, it’s simply not enough for your device to be handy – it has to be handy and with enough storage capacity for all your music (and possibly video) needs.

2. Earphones
After the input device comes the output. (Sorry for my non-technical terms on sound systems, I’m really no expert on this. I just like them loud and hindi basag ang tunog 😊). The original earphones that came with my Shuffle has long met its demise. I decided to get something relatively inexpensive but with quality in a brand trusted by many – Philips.


I don’t really know how to decipher quality when it comes to sounds but these earphones that you clip on instead of putting inside your ear was good enough for me. (And yes, it was inexpensive which was my primary requirement at the time.) I got the wire organizing thing for free from the grocery and it has upped the earphones’ portability quite nicely. Together with the Shuffle, this earphones were packaged in a mini-pouch from one of those free Clinique gifts my aunts frequently send me.

3. Headphones
I wasn’t really looking for another output device but when I chanced upon a buy 1 take 1 deal on Hed Kandi headphones while looking for my sister’s birthday gift, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.


The black of course went to my sister while I kept the colorful one. I was pretty content with my Philips set but when I tried these headphones, I immediately knew which one I’ll be using most of the time. The sound quality of these Hed Kandi Disco Heaven headphones is a definite step up from my Philips one. You’ll definitely hear the difference. It was originally priced at 1,090pesos but at buy 1 take 1, it was a clear steal.


The thin wire placed over my head is lightweight and doesn’t ruin any hairstyle. (As if I style my hair – hello wash and wear!) My only issue with this set is that I feel I might break the wire during transport which is why I still use my Philips one for extreme portability. On some wishful thinking note though, some noise canceling headphones may be needed.


Red Solo Beats by Dr. Dre anyone? 😊

4. Speakers
We’re going bigger and louder in sound. But my next equipment isn’t exactly big in size. A red dot design awardee in 2008, the X-Mini 2nd Generation portable speakers proclaims “sound beyond size“. And how right it is with that one.


This portable speaker of mine now has a permanent place on my dashboard since I don’t have the budget for a decent sound system yet. It is admittedly a bit pricier than what I originally wanted to get but after comparing the sounds by blasting the song of the summer (Call Me Maybe, what else?), I knew I had to get this one. Perfect for Playa since it’s calling me already (feeling lot owner haha).

5. Dock
This one I don’t have yet. It’s waiting for the day I get my own place (or at least some place to store my stuff, a little Katsy museum/shrine/library yes, a library with blasting loud speakers). I’ve scouted around a few times and so far I’ve got this bookmarked.


Wishful thinking aside, for simple music appreciation on the go, 4 out of 5 from this list makes my day. I would certainly like to upgrade if only I had the extra money but since I don’t, I’m quite content with my current portable sound system.

So dance, dance, everyone? 😊

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