8 Days

I didn’t post for 8 days when I told myself I will post daily as much as I can. Well I did say as much as I can.

So in theory, here are 8 posts that I hope to write (or wish I have written):

1. 8 days of Korea 2012 – if I really wanted to be technical about it, this “post” alone will most probably be divided into various posts that may even exceed 8 days. There are simply so many aspects of a single trip that I want to document – there’s food (there was one meal that I really didn’t like and I was really thankful for being able to buy myself ice cream), there’s the clothes part (outfits maybe? But I’m really no fashion blogger so I may have to skip this one), there’s the Expo, the Tea Museum, etc. I can go on really but it may be best for me to actually just write the posts instead.
2. My Essilor lenses – I really adore my new eyeglasses which I hope to be able to write about soon. It’s quite simply like having sunglasses with the comfort of wearing my eyeglasses (which is one of my major reasons why I don’t wear my eyeglasses out even when I really, really want to especially for work). Site visits mostly mean sunshine so these lenses easily solve that issue.
3. Dash posts – I have a backlog of Dash travel posts from all the trips I had before. I don’t want to have even more backlog hence no travel till then. (Or more accurately, no travel fund yet till then. Haha.)
4. SCG Elite Card Launch – I’m a bit hesitant to write about this one because well, I don’t have a single picture. It really sucks sometimes to have forgotten my camera. I only have the e-invite and the giveaways to take a picture of. So this one’s really tentative.
5. Green Roofs – finally something to put in the Design category.
6. Aiza Seguerra’s 25th Anniversary Concert – I treated everyone to Gen Ad tickets instead of going by myself
7. Hmmm running out of post options here.. Seriously?? Okay maybe I’ll go blog about Kristin Kreuk’s style in Beauty and the Beast which is my current peg. To which of course my sister said I utterly failed in emulating.
8. Movies – I’ve been watching some movies in the background while working lately. I would like to review them a bit to note why I like them and also so I can practice my “reviewing” skills.

So there. 8 posts to make up for my 8 days of non-posts. Potentially. Probably. Hopefully. 😄


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