Milk Tea is My Coffee


Anyone who knows me at all know that I practically don’t drink coffee. I’m partially scared of its effects since I almost don’t sleep anymore. Whenever I need a rush, I resort to sugar in the form of whole chocolate bars, Coke, and tea. Needless to say, I adore tea.

After a long day like today with 3 different sites, multiple phone calls and kilometers behind me, I had one meeting left for our class project. In short, I needed a boost. I walked over to the nearest tea place to our office, Cha Dao, and got myself an Extra Large (XL) serving of Classic Milk Tea with Pearls (which they call Sinkers).


Since I was still contemplating what to post for today, I realized that maybe I should start reviewing the various tea places in town. I want to remember which ones I’ve tried and which ones are keepers.

Location wise, Cha Dao is really accessible to me. (I believe they have plenty of branches aside from the one in Matalino.) Except for the fact that I have to walk down and up 4 flights of stairs to get my Milk Tea. But still. Walking is good for my health after all those sugar and sleepless nights.

Their serving size comes in L and XL with the option to add Sinkers. The XL one is quite generous at 75php with an additional 10php for the Sinkers. Although it did take me just minutes to drink. 😃


The atmosphere of the place is cozy and bright at the same time – perfect for unwinding (or mostly meetings for me since I rarely unwind). I don’t have a picture of the interiors though. I’ll just update this post with a photo if I get the chance. Taste wise, the Regular sweetness of my Classic Milk Tea is just right. I could say that because I was able to drink it quickly without needing to drink water immediately after. It doesn’t have that sugary aftertaste. I will definitely be coming back for more and not only because of its proximity to my office. 😃


Follow them on Twitter for more info: Cha Dao Tea Place


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