Posting on the Go: Cafe Breton, Podium

Since I’ve got nothing to do at the moment except to play around with my phone and well, eat, obviously, I thought I’d do a quick post to test just how efficient this phone may be when it comes to blogging. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ll try to post more often now. (Yeah I know I said that already plenty times before.) I’m basically stuffing myself full while waiting for a meeting to start – just reminiscing a bit back to those days we had meetings here and my boss would always be presenting till around dinner time. I had no idea what to eat then but over the years I’ve developed some favorites.

Cafe Breton is best known for their crepes of all kinds – for dessert, dinner, snack (I know I’m never much for knowing haha. I’d really rather eat.) Tonight I had dessert first before a pahabol dinner. I had rice with soft-boiled egg before leaving the house as I am on a strict budget these days (no thanks to my eyeglasses) but unfortunately, dessert wasn’t enough for me.


Le Magnifique!
Dessert came first in the form of this magnificent crepe filled with bananas, almonds, choco hazelnut spread, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. The description in the menu had me at bananas instead of my usual order of La Pinay which featured mangoes. I thought I needed to up my potassium level.

I took a picture to let my dear cousin Alex know I’m thinking of her while eating the entire thing alone since she can’t come out these past few days. Haha grounded much.

I finished the crepe very quickly under 10minutes and debated with myself if I was going to order another one. I had this craving for soup which they did not have. I ended up with this:

Mushy Chix.
Chicken strips, onions, mushrooms, cheese. Yum. Haha. It actually got rid of my soup craving but I’m still kinda hungry.. I want the Breton Mozzarella Burger now.. But this time I will resist and save the money for my cab home. Or maybe I’m better off walking instead to lose the pounds? Haha anlayo! Well that’s it for now. Mundane I know but at least I had a semblance of progress.



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