My Asus Lifestyle: Asus Philippines launches Windows 8 Devices!

I had the privilege of being invited to the Asus Ph Windows 8 Devices launch last Tuesday at R Space courtesy of one of my good friends, Mark of Gadgetshelf. He also invited Aaron, our batchmate and good friend fresh from his UK stint. We were supposed to cover for Mark since technology is his sort of expertise and guest post on his blog but he surprised us by being there at the event when he was supposedly gallivanting around Siam Reap at the time.

Anyway, I’m sure most specs of the launched devices are already online. What I want to focus on for my blog’s MY ASUS LIFESTYLE series is how my (current and potential) Asus devices fit incredibly in the way I live. “In search of Incredible,” Asus said, and truly, the devices they launched are nothing short of incredible.


I realized that I have been living with a few Asus devices for years now. (Will write a separate post for this.) We were tagged “bloggers” at the event, maybe we should have been labeled “avid consumers” instead. We all have our eyes on the Asus Taichi – the P85,995 dual screen, tablet + laptop hybrid which will fit quite easily into the way we currently live our lives. (We carry our tablets and our laptops on a daily basis everywhere we go!) I promised Mark I will review the Taichi in detail and how it will fit into my life – as an architect, researcher, student, coordinator, writer, and whatever else role I take on these days.

For my own blog series, let me pay tribute to my still-gorgeous Asus Eee PC 1008P Karim Rashid Collection in Matte Coffee Brown (bought during my brown phase to match my Nokia E72) and my current ultraportable workstation, the extremely exquisite, absurdly gorgeous, Asus Zenbook UX31. Such attention to detail were given to these two coupled with their equally powerful specifications (at least for me). Power and Beauty. Style + Substance. πŸ˜„ Will post photos of these two later.

Thanks to Asus for the food and freebies (Asus kit with mouse pad, cable tie, cleaning tools, and 4GB USB bracelet with product info) and congratulations to the Asus PH team and Havas PR Agatep for the successful event!




20121112-023057.jpg (I clearly don’t know how to plate my food. Haha.)


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