Team Art’s 2011 Thanksgiving Party

Originally posted in the blog Alex and I were supposed to write together. Haha. It never did get past 2 entries. This was entry number 2 featuring the 2011 Thanksgiving Party of my Uncle’s Real Estate Team. We were impromptu hosts for a party instantly planned overnight. We’re slated for a repeat this year as hosts but have extended our planning duties to more than a night. I came home late tonight from food tasting with Alex and my wonderful extended family. Never mind the tiny little fact that I have call time at 8am later. Anyway, this was just lifted straight from the original post. No editing done whatsoever as I’m currently finishing landscape lighting plans. πŸ˜€ And I really need to sleep…… Zzzzzzzz……


They say that pictures are worth a thousand words…

Here’s a recap of Team Art’s 2011 Thanksgiving Party in pictures.

Outfit shots:

Party shots:

Apparently when you win a raffle prize you also (are required to) have your picture taken with the evening’s hosts:


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