Nothing Much… Just Life.

I guess I’m still awake at this hour and honestly, I really have nothing much to say. I’m incredibly sleepy yet my mind is still awake and trying to function through the haze of drowsiness. It keeps asking me what should I do next? I accomplished a lot today but there are plenty more to be done. It never runs out, the eternal list of things to do.

I guess I’m still lucky in everything really. I actually have a lot to do and these things enable me to achieve my dreams. I know I’m still a bit far from reaching most of my goals but I’ve realized that my delight comes not from the achievement but from the journey. Slowly I have learned to take steps back and live in the moment instead of always surging on forward. Patience, still, is a virtue that God is instilling in me.

I guess I’m still lost with the whole direction of this blog, as with some of my endeavors. But do they really have to have direction? Isn’t simply being able to do things such a joy already? I drove today, even if it was like just a stone’s throw away from my house. I feel pretty good about myself as I fully intend to use my car from now on instead of it sitting in the parking day after day when I don’t have a driver. Even though it did took me longer to park than the actual road test. Although tomorrow I am taking the tricycle because I don’t want to pay for parking during long meetings. Practicality is crucial these days.

I guess I’m still writing when I really should be sleeping. I described myself as tenacious, of persistent determination, which can actually be shortened to stubbornness. Yes, I am. I really am. But it is this stubbornness that enables me to keep going day after day, challenge after challenge. And yes, God. Because He simply won’t let me give up.

2013 1/3


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