Milk with my Cereal, Wifi with my iPad

So I’m reposting this from my personal archives because I have a terrible headache and I’ve been working nonstop since I woke up early today and I can’t quite summon a fresh blog post:

I’m eating breakfast as I type this entry. Turns out I don’t really need a special journal app because my iPad just turned into a lean, mean, blogging machine!

I realized this as I reread the entries I posted last night, all of which I did/edited via the WordPress for iPad app.


And now I’m doing one again while eating breakfast on the side. I transferred my latest photos from yesterday’s outing via the camera connector kit for the iPad and it’s suddenly like instant noodles – just add hot wifi!


So I guess this means one thing – I’ve finally found an outlet to keep talking to myself and actually document it! And evolved my definite and ever-growing love for my iPad even further. It has now crept up on my life to the point of becoming practically indispensable. If I’m going out of the country yet again, or even just out of town, this iPad is definitely going with me. Oh, but I already did that in Korea. Haha. Now if only I can figure out an easy way to cross post to my Blogger account just so it doesn’t get left behind in the dust. Or maybe I should migrate entirely to a self-hosted WordPress account at Or Or Or Urgh. Decide why don’t you. And soon.

As it turns out (since October), I have decided and got myself 🙂

2013 1/4

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