My UX31 is almost a year old now. I’m pretty happy with my investment in this ultrabook even with its small storage space. I’ve found myself working around it and even constantly backing up which is actually great for safekeeping.

I’m proud of myself for being able to buy my workstation for the 3rd time now. I remember my first laptop which I bought on an extended installment basis from my Aunt before they left for the US. I still have and use that laptop sometimes which we have now nicknamed “Dinosaur”. Its 15″ display is something I still crave for. I used to carry it to work while commuting on a bus because I couldn’t afford to take a cab much then. It even had its own special Nine West carrying bag which is still its portable house until now.

When I started going back to school for my masters degree, I got myself a netbook – the Asus EEE Karim Rashid edition. I loved its portability and its huge hard drive space, 256GB for me is huge back then. I still use it till now even if its just for temporary storage. I like how it was designed up to the tiniest detail. Even its ports were cleverly concealed all over its tiny body.

And now, finally, my Asus UX31 in all its 13″ glory. It was the first in the Zenbook series and still featured an aluminum non-backlit keyboard. The newest Zenbook now has a touch display and a Windows 8 OS off the box. I promised myself I’d maximize my investment by owning and using my UX31 for at least 2 years. At the very least. Hopefully for more. I have the tendency to use my gadgets for years anyway and I’ve actually never sold any gadget I acquired.

When I saw Microsoft’s online upgrade promo, I decided to convert my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro. And now, I’m just waiting. Hopefully I’ll be able to review my Windows 8 experience soon. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


2013 1/17


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