Bench Envi Tee x Korea 2012

I was looking through my Korea 2012 photos and I realized that I wore 4 out of my 6 Bench Envi Tees in the entire trip – I wore the white, pink, blue, and purple. The grey and the black I definitely brought along but since it was so hot when we were there, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear dark colors. I guess it just shows how much I love the Bench Envi Tee.

I have been wanting to get more colors for the longest time but they’re always on sale and with limited colors remaining. I hope that Bench doesn’t discontinue this particular line or else I’ll have to hoard as much of the shirts as I possibly can.

I discovered this shirt line a long while back and have since converted my sister, mother, and a couple of friends to adore this line. The shirts according to Bench (if I remember correctly), is made out of a hybrid of bamboo fiber. Or something like that. I’ll have to verify this once I do get back inside a mall. (I have been avoiding malls lately in my 2013 thrust towards thriftiness and have only set foot inside them either by passing through to get to the MRT or to do some minimal grocery shopping.) Whatever its composition, the fabric has been made to be so lightweight and airy that I wear them with everything. This line is my t-shirt uniform. Its solid colors and cut, round scoop or v-neck, make it extremely versatile. I’ve worn it to work, to meetings, to the beach, while shopping, and yes, even when sleeping.

And apparently, I’ve worn it all over Korea.

Day 1 WHITE – Travel outfit from PH to Incheon to Yeosu (with Anna)


Day 3 PINK – to the National Tea Museum in Boseong (with Anna at the Bus Terminal)


Day 6 BLUE – Museum and Palace hopping in Seoul


Day 8 PURPLE – Continuation of Museum Hopping and finally back to PH


Maybe I’ll try to post the many ways I style the Bench Envi Tee in my every day life. The most usual way though is with jeans and TOMS shoes – comfort all the way! Smile

2013 1/18


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