Dresser/Drawer: An Introduction

Okay. I know I’m slightly procrastinating at the moment but I’m taking this time out from working all the time to soft launch my new, hopefully continuous, blog section entitled, “Dresser/Drawer” which is basically my totally amateur attempt at reviewing the material stuff (mostly cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, etc.) which come my way. I have this tendency to acquire products, some I buy but most given to me by my aunts in the US.

In the spirit of design, dine, do, dream, dash – this new category is entitled as such because I find that from these products that I try out, some end up:

…in the Dresser – basically the ones I use all the time, or

…in the Drawer – the ones I don’t use as much, for days when I want to experiment a bit or for those times when I clean out my closet.

Yes, I am a girl. And I adore my make-up. They’re really colorful and shiny and shimmery and glossy and all adjectives that go towards being lovely. But I don’t like putting them on 90% of the time. I like things as effortless as can be and as minimal as much as possible. Hence my constant quest to keeping my getting ready routine to just under 10 minutes. And possibly just 5 products? Haha. Is that even possible?

Anyway, without further ado, let me make my first Dresser/Drawer post.

Which I may post tomorrow. Haha.

2013 2/2


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