Dresser/Drawer: Laura Mercier 5-Pc Travel Brush Set

I’ve been stopping myself from getting the MAC x Archie Limited Edition Brush Set online for just a few days and lo and behold, it is now sold out. Sad smile The 5-brushes included in the set are all I need for everyday use. Not to mention I absolutely love Archie comics since I was a kid. Oh well, just the world’s way of saying not for me.

So instead of a fabulous review of a brush set that would have went with me everywhere, I pay tribute to my current fabulous brush set that have gone and will still go with me everywhere with no alternate. (I’m still a tiny bit bitter about the MAC x Archie brush set. MAC Philippines will you be getting stock? Can I please, please, please have one? I’ll schedule my meetings around Shangri-la Mall or Trinoma at the time of your launch to conveniently and convincingly mix business with shopping as I have done plenty of times. Except with floor tiles really. And water closets. And lights.)


Presenting my Laura Mercier 5-Pc Travel Brush Set, housed in a very durable and portable black case. Practical, classic, enduring. I guess this brush set really is the one meant for me because I originally asked my Father when he was generously asking for what we want for Christmas gifts to get me the Christian Dior set. I ended up with this set which was packaged very differently from the quilted red one (if I remember correctly) of Dior much to my disappointment. But after saying thank you as pleasantly as I could, I have come to love my Laura Mercier set. In fact, I’ve acquired quite a few Laura Mercier products which I use almost everyday. LM’s loose setting powder is an absolute dream for setting concealer.


The 5-Pc set includes the following brushes: Cheek Colour, Eye Colour, Flat Eye Liner, Eyebrow, Secret Camouflage, and Eye Crease (L-R). I don’t know how much it cost before and if it’s still available now. I think I got it a couple of years back. The size of the brushes plus its black case makes it the perfect traveling set and has survived trips both domestic and international. I use 4/5 of the brushes on a regular basis (provided I actually put on make-up that day). The flat eye liner brush is the odd one out because I don’t really use gel eyeliner and rarely do I put on eyeliner from the powder kind or even smudge out the pencil ones. What I actually need is another fluffy brush for face/blot powder or a foundation brush maybe.


Quality wise, I find these top-notch. (Note though that I don’t have much to compare with as I haven’t tried brushes extensively and only own aside from these, brushes from The Body Shop, Elizabeth Arden, and Banila Co.) The brushes are soft and apply make-up really well. Shedding is very minimal and black will always be a classic color.


Dresser/Drawer? Definitely Dresser. Even if (or when? haha wishful thinking) I get the MAC x Archie Brush Set, this Laura Mercier Brush Set will most probably still be the one traveling with me. The durable case, Eyebrow brush, and Shadow brushes are must-haves on any trip (provided again that I actually wear make-up on the road and not just pack them as extra weight to carry which is what happens more often than not). But then, I just might sneak in a few other brushes (Hello, fluffy Powder brush! Hello, portable and covered Lip brush! Hello, mini Foundation brush!) on the left side of that case. Winking smile

2013 2/3


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