Dresser/Drawer: "Hand" Creams – Nivea, Avon, & Malin+Goetz

I have the tendency to always use alcohol whenever I go out and about which requires me to always have some sort of hand cream. I don’t really buy them on purpose except for times when there are promos as I just use whatever lotion we have at home and transfer to a more portable bottle.

These days though, I specifically bought a small tin of Nivea Cream because my hands have been extra dry due to the weather. I still go back to Nivea for the most effective hydration. I just alternate with this sample Malin+Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer I got from Browhaus as a freebie last month. I find that I like how light and moisturizing this Malin+Goetz is. I may repurchase once I run out provided I don’t have a lot of lotion on stock which we almost usually have at home.


Locally, Malin+Goetz is imported and distributed by Harem Inc. I may have to try their lip moisturizer next time I’m there because I’m still searching for the most effective lip balm. That’s another topic for another post though.


At home, I use Avon Skin So Soft Whitening Hand Cream which I got at a promo price for Buy 1 Take 1. It’s not as effective as Nivea though but it’s nicer to use because of its lighter consistency.

Dresser/Drawer? I’m on the fence actually. Nivea Cream I like because it’s pretty effective but my hands are still dry even with constant use. The Malin+Goetz one I want to use as a body lotion instead of as hand cream. The Avon one I may or may not repurchase depending on their promo price. I guess I’m still on the look out for the “perfect” hand cream. In the meantime, I should start drinking 20 glasses of water per day. Being sufficiently hydrated is the first step to healthy, glowing skin.

2013 2/6


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