Now Shopping: Hello Zinio!

I woke up this morning to an email from Zinio Digital Magazines – they gave me a 15 SGD Zinio Voucher! Small happy dance! Haha.

Aside from my proclaimed adoration for Amazon’s Kindle App, I am also forever on my Zinio app where I have several magazine subscriptions. Yes, I also bring my magazines everywhere. Now if only Bluprint will be offered as well. But then I’ve made a promise to subscribe to print for specific Architecture and Design magazines so I can share with more.

Anyway, the voucher expires in 72 hours so I have until tomorrow to narrow down my choices. I’m currently torn between subscriptions to Metro Society, Town and Country Philippines, and Philippine Tatler Houses amongst other single issues to make up my 15 SGD. I’m leaning towards Town and Country more though but until I’ve signed in and clicked through the entire process, the deal’s not done.

So tick tock Katsy.

2013 3/9


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