A Daily Dose of Driving

I have recently taken on the additional responsibility of driving my car. I know I should have practiced months ago when I first renewed my license but it really stresses me out – the whole rushing to and from meetings, sourcing, sites, etc. while even remotely thinking about driving myself makes me take the cab time and time again. Not to mention having my car maintained which is an absolute must.

But I don’t like the feeling of incompetence I get every time our driver doesn’t go to work and I’m stuck rearranging my schedule. I don’t like seeing my car which we call “King” (He was formerly named “Dumbo” because I had altered his side mirrors but I decided to make him more majestic instead of a cartoon character.) just sitting in my parking space and not moving for days. He was made to move with his lowered body and noisy engine. I don’t know what it’s called really but he emits this vroom vroom sound every time I step on the gas. Haha. I sound like a girl who knows nothing about her car.

But I do know some stuff now and for that I’m proud! I can now check and refill all that needs to be checked and refilled under the hood. I can drive without the presence of another driver. I still always bring my sister or my aunt though. I can drive at night and remember to turn on my lights. I forgot to do that once and actually got home without lights around 7pm which was already dark so yeah I know that makes me really stupid and naive but I’m sure I won’t forget after that. I have also started to move away from the wheel quite comfortably and not like I used to which was really up close and with me having to lift my foot entirely just to switch from gas to brake. I also maintain the cleanliness of the inside of my car as well as my trunk by abiding with my rule of arranging everything at the end of the day – all scrap pieces of paper, all chargers back to their ziplocks, and having absolutely no clutter anywhere.

I have started a shopping list for King though. I now have shoes specifically for driving – because I refuse to let go of my super worn out favorite TOMS. I have picked out beige corduroy seat covers that I just have to give the downpayment for. I need this padded thing for my seat belt because it hurts my collarbone every time I drive. I need new floor mats as the ones I currently have are old and gray and will not fit my seat covers. I need a functioning sound and docking system with Bluetooth.

Maybe I need a TV. Or maybe not. Haha.

I still can’t park well though. It’s like an entire production number every time I park at home with a minimum of 2 persons guiding me which always include a combination of – both guards on duty, condo personnel, my tita, my sister. Other tenants have even volunteered to park for me. BUT I’M NOT REALLY HORRIBLE AT PARKING. Haha. I’m still really just learning. I’m not entirely sure that it helps me learn the way everyone’s so helpful when I park. There are even times when all four corners of King are looked out for by different people!

But I’m thankful really. For having persevered enough to buy my own car even if I got it from my uncle and I’m still paying him off, at quite a slow pace even. For having maintained the car by replacing all tires, side mirrors, rearview mirror, and everything else that needs to be taken care of.  For simply having the option to drive, to be able to drive, for the privilege of driving.

I’m thankful. And for that, King gets new seat covers tomorrow.

2013 3/19


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