Now Reading: Monthly Magazines

I have proclaimed my iPad adoration time and time again especially when it comes to ease of reading for both books and magazines. Since I have already mentioned Kindle for books, let me focus on my magazine apps – Zinio and Newsstand.

Zinio gave me this free voucher a while back which I used to get a subscription for Town and Country PH. This latest subscription ups my total subscription tally to 5 as I’m also subscribed to Reader’s Digest, Real Living, Metro Home and Entertaining, and Elle Decoration PH.


I’m subscribed to quite a few due to their tempting promos which they frequently send via email. I’d like to acquire a few more though namely, Harvard Business Review, Wallpaper, and Futurarc. I’m sure there are plenty more that I like but at the top of my mind are these titles. I like Zinio because I can read my magazines in all my devices – laptop, phone, and of course the iPad.


The Newsstand app on the other hand is like a collecting app (I really don’t know the proper term.) featuring magazine apps from different publishers. What I like about Newsstand is that there are foreign titles that are available only here and are really affordable compared to the print one. What I will buy in print for around 400 pesos amounts to only $1.99 per month on a monthly subscription basis. You can get a higher discount as well if you subscribe to the yearly one. In this app, I have most of my “non-work” magazines with the exception of the Garden Design magazine which is unfortunately discontinued starting April 2013. My subscriptions in this app include Metro, InStyle, Vogue, Allure, and Self. I also acquire single issues from Preview, National Geographic Traveller, and Vanity Fair. Adobe’s Inspire magazine used to come for free but I think they changed that in the past month. I’m not sure though as I haven’t updated the specific app in the past month, I’ll have to check.

And yes, I go through all these every month. Haha. Sometimes though I just do a quick scan but most times, provided I’m not really really busy, I take the time to sit down and read through each and every single one. I find though that as I acquire more and more of these books and magazines that they take up quite an amount of time.

But we make time for what we really want and what makes us happy. And yes, reading has made me happy for the longest time. It also actually keeps me sane. 🙂

That is, aside from writing which I should be doing a lot of by the end of this day.

2013 3/23


4 thoughts on “Now Reading: Monthly Magazines”

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂

      I use an iPad 2 and not an actual Kindle device which is why I have Kindle, Zinio and Apple’s Newsstand. I would love to have a Kindle though that would be solely for reading. I think the Kindle is lighter and easier to carry around. Or maybe an iPad mini will be better so you can have all the apps as well 🙂

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