12 Straight Days of Yoga

So I got myself this Deal Dozen coupon for 12 Straight Days of Yoga at Beyond Yoga QC. I will only start to redeem it later because my scheduling has been pretty crazy. Yup, scheduling. Not schedule. But yes, even schedule actually.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try out yoga because a lot of people have been recommending it to me. The meditation – soothing, calming – they say, will help me. I still think kickboxing’s a more comfortable fit but I don’t think I can do that soon because I just fell off our stairs. I only sprained my wrist and broke my mother’s elephant decor thankfully. The way I landed could’ve been worse. I’ve never been really clumsy but if that’s any indication of my kickboxing career then I should postpone.

Anyway again, irky as I am today, I shall go and try later. It’s just my wrist that’s hurting and my head since last night which resulted to this irkyness because it wouldn’t go away but those I can manage.

Let me just stuff myself full with monggo and calamansi juice and powerberries for an early dinner.

Or maybe I should skip yoga altogether and just watch JLC and Sarah G.’s latest movie by myself. Hmmmmmm now that’s an idea. I can nurse my head and wrist in laughter and a big tub of white cheddar popcorn and strawberry lemonade and semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies. Yup, definitely stress eating,

2013 4/2

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