Done Shopping: Ilog Maria

My mother went to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm the other weekend and asked what I’d like. I have read about their lip balms before so that’s what she got me – Ilog Maria’s Honey, Beeswax & Propolis Lip Balm.


I haven’t opened it yet to try as I am still finishing off my EOS lip balm. I’ve realized over the years that I can live without lip glosses or lipsticks (even if I have quite a few haha) but I can’t live without lip balms. My lips easily dry out and are quite sensitive, I’ve found that I’m a bit allergic to anything with mint. Except with ice cream and chocolate haha. Anything with mint dries out my lips faster hence I need to constantly reapply.

I went through a My Lip Stuff phase but unfortunately they’re not available locally. I liked the different flavors though. I also went through the Rosebud Salve phase but I prefer tubes more than tins due to ease of application. EOS I adore but the egg-shaped balms are a bit bulky to carry around especially to the beach this summer.

Right now I’m back to basics with Nivea lip balms with SPF. Sun protection is a must always and most especially in this extreme heat. I stayed out under the sun for quite a while and my lips did not burn or chap at all. I’ll hopefully update once I try the Ilog Maria lip balms out.

2013 4/22


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