A Fresh Start


A new week is coming and even though I spend most weekends still working (yes, I’m a total workaholic aside from being a nerd), I still think of Mondays as a fresh start.

I’ve been wanting to use this Moleskine notebook of mine in the large squared version for the longest time but have resorted to postponing until today. I didn’t want to start using a Moleskine for my daily notebook because one, they are really expensive, and two, I know that if I start using a Moleskine everyday that I will be using one from now on even for just the sheer joy of seeing them all lined up on my shelf filled with words and notes of wisdom (and work, mostly).


But now that I have, I realized how my handwriting doesn’t look like one of an architect’s. Every one has this notion that architects have this really nice and pretty penmanship and yes while there are plenty of those, unfortunately, I do not have one.

Yet as with my insistent take on things like learning how to do the Giyomi (or however it is spelled) steps overnight much to my detriment because I simply do not do cute, I intend to improve. And with that, I shall learn to practice patience in writing ever so carefully to finish my letters and not swirl them around into continuous lines that are barely distinguishable. I shall also strive to use an indexing system since I carry around just one notebook which pretty much contains my notes from everywhere.

But no, I’m not going back to the Moleskine twinset planner anymore. My iPad has taken away my extreme adoration for that. However, that new iPad mini case is looking pretty darn good. There’s only that slight little fact that I don’t actually have an iPad mini. Haha.




2013 4/28


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