My Cousin Carla

When my Aunts abroad posted pictures of one of my favorite cousins, Carla, walking in a fashion show, I immediately made this picture collage.


Haha we are so alike! I told Carla when she was last here that she’s my favorite cousin/daughter and toured her around – Gateway – Trinoma – UP – and even went on a food trip. She then resorted to calling me “Ate Cutesy” to which her Mom asked me what I fed her for her to say such. Haha. Steak of course! This 100 peso steak I love to eat at the food court and crepe!

We really had fun that day. I just told her not to speak in English so she doesn’t attract much attention because we were commuting all over the place. Trike, MRT, jeep, cab. She’s half-Russian and really charming. I promised her I’d visit her sometime but that is yet to happen.

For now, I’ll have to work hard to send her my latest gift (and not just her but all my wonderfully cute younger cousins) which is basically a shirt that says “I’m Cute” in the front and “like Ate Katsy” at the back. But wait, they did that already! I’d have to think of new gifts for them now.


2013 5/7


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