Now Reading: The Sweet Life E-Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)

As with probably every girl who grew up in my generation (and before… and maybe even after..), I devoured the Sweet Valley series. From the first Sweet Valley High book I opened (this was after/during my Nancy Drew phase) to Sweet Valley Twins, Kids, University, and even the Senior Year and Junior High that I collected, I couldn’t stop. I would read an entire book during the ride home from school, practically every day.

So being the fan that I am, when I saw the e-serial featuring the twins at 30, all grown up (kinda like me but not really because no I’m not 30 and most probably wouldn’t be), I knew I just had to read. As swamped with work as I am right now (24/7 practically haha), I have to read to calm my mind and this series is on top of my list.

There are 6:
1. The Sweet Life
2. Lies and Omissions
3. Too Many Doubts
4. Secrets and Seductions
5. Cutting the Ties
6. Bittersweet

I’m still on the first one and I’m liking it so far if not for the nostalgia primarily. I can vaguely remember being younger, writing in diaries, and wishing I was blonde. I no longer wish for honey in my hair more than highlights but I still write in diaries – online, typed and not by pen. But aren’t we all living in blogs right now? Even Elizabeth has one. And Jessica, she launches “green” make-up for a living – sustainability right there, everybody.

So at 30, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are living in today’s world, armed with iPads like the one I’m using to type this entry out. And yes, their hotshot brother, Steven, is gay and happy and proud with his life partner Aaron, and their adorable baby through surrogacy. Yup, definitely a 2012 – 2013 version of the Sweet Valley we have all known and loved.

2013 5/16


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