Coming Soon: The ASUS Fonepad

Last week (yep, it took me a week before posting), my friends and I were invited to ASUS Ph’s media launch for the ASUS Fonepad at URBN Bar and Kitchen in BGC. It was raining and Aaron was coding so that left Mark and I trekking to the south for the launch. Mark rarely misses these things and is always on time, I on the other hand, simply wanted to check something out at Serendra so all was well. Little did I know that I would love this latest nifty gadget that ASUS would present.

As everyone knows, the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5’s battery life can barely last a day when 3G or LTE is on. Even Wifi actually. I haven’t properly timed it for my own 4s but Aaron whose 5’s LTE is always on, is constantly charging every time he’s in his car and almost always runs out of battery. I know that for a fact because that’s what happened when we were going around looking at materials a few weeks back. And yes, that was even with his constant car charging. But we all know that Apple’s got us all wrapped around in its little (still expensive) finger. Aaron has an Air and a 5 and before that a 4s. I have an iPad2 and a 4s and I’ve convinced my sister to practically live with her own iPad2 and soon, my mother as well.

But. BUT. Aaron wanted me to pay attention to this phone-tablet (is it phablet now? really?) hybrid with its Intel processor and Android OS because he’s currently on the look out for a tablet and is not yet fully sold on the iPad Mini. (So am I actually as I’ve been waiting for the Smart iPad Mini LTE plans last week but found it a tad too unnecessary for my lifestyle. Maybe. I’m not yet totally sure. LOL)

As architects, (yes, that we are), we have this adorable little collection of daily gadgets involving two phones (one solely for construction updates, the other for everything else), a sleek ultrabook (Katsy’s), an ultimate desktop (Aaron’s), and multiple workstations running across all screen sizes and all forms practically – 7″ tablet, tablet with keyboard hybrid, netbook, laptops, desktop replacement, you name it (Mark’s!!!!). No wonder we’re always on the look-out for ways to minimize our everyday luggage.

So back to the Fonepad – it lasts almost 17 hours on normal usage! (The ASUS team tested this and even recorded a video.) It has 32GB internal storage and expandable up to 32GB more!! (This is really important to me because my 32GB iPad is almost always full and that’s without music, without videos, and without photos. Amazing really how I manage to do that with just reading materials.) It is a phone and a tablet in one which cuts down two of our normal things to bring and cannot forget!!! (This is more for Aaron as I’m always lugging around a big bag anyway haha) And the best part – it only costs P14,995!!!!

Okay. Enough exclamation points for now. I’ve inhaled one too many Cloud 9 chocolate bars this afternoon.

The ASUS Fonepad. In Champagne Gold and Titanium Gray. 7″ phone+tablet Intel-run wonder.

The only thing stopping me from getting it immediately, to be totally honest, is that I’ve bought far too many apps in IOS. And of course, the exquisite simplicity that setting up a new IOS device brings. And I still really adore the Apple aesthetic as a designer.

But seriously, this Fonepad is making me question things. For Android users though and ASUS fans, 4th week of May, be prepared. You know you want one. 🙂

2013 5/21


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