Birthday Gift #1: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 467 – Pygmalion


June was my birthday month. And since I only get presents mostly from myself, I finally decided to get a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion, a limited edition shade from the L’ete Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013 collection.

I was never really a lipstick person, over the years I’ve been more into lipglosses. Lately though, I found myself reaching for my lip balms more than anything. I went for the Rouge Coco Shines because according to the Chanel site – these Hydrating Sheer Lipshines “makes an irresistible desire for lightness flit over your makeup. With its mischievous touch, it glides over lips with all the charm and freshness of a snapshot.”

If you ask me though, my Pygmalion RCS got me at the Chanel logo. Period. I can still remember when my best friend, Cla, and I had our nails done in Chanel polish way back when we were fresh out of college. We were so elated at the simple luxury of having Chanel polish on our nails. We felt so rich and pampered. It was all we could afford then. I can still only afford a lipstick or two up till now but I’m more than happy for that progress.


I was supposed to get Suspense but it was a regular shade and there was only one Pygmalion left. It was buy or die. I justified the shade choice because it felt like a my lips but better (and rosier and glossier) shade which I can use as my go-to everyday shade in lieu of the Nivea lip balm (or two or three) that I keep bringing around.


The chic black and gold Chanel packaging reminded me of the Voice US Season 4’s Team Usher’s number of Black and Gold. One simply perfectly went with the other. Available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-la, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is made in France and lasts 18 months. At 3g/0.1oz., I don’t really know if it is worth the P1,650 splurge. But seriously, can you resist the image of that little tube of luxury lying around in your bag just waiting to be used? I know I kind of couldn’t and so far, I adore my Pygmalion RCS.


Texture: Balm-like with buildable sheer color, perfect for everyday. | Wearability: I don’t reapply when out but I don’t think it survives a meal. | Color: A must for an everyday go-to shade | Giddy factor: 9.5/10 I simply like seeing the tube in my bag. I don’t even need to apply it most times as its presence is enough. (Yeah I’m really kind of weird that way.) | Repurchase: Yes for the Rouge Coco Shine line but for Pygmalion? Well, it IS limited edition so I may have to look for another go-to everyday shade. Next year maybe, on my birthday.

2013 7/19


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