Birthday Gift #2: Converse CT Hi-ness Hi Black


This second gift to myself is totally utilitarian – the simple reason being that I didn’t have decent sneakers to wear to site (and meetings and going around really). Through the years I only buy one pair and use them till they beg to retire with a lifespan of around 3-5 years. My first pair was from these Cinderella GCs that we got way back in college from winning a design competition. I remember how giddy I was from finally being able to invest in a good pair of Adidas sneakers. A few years later when my sneakers have lost their color and are fraying at the edges, I decided to get a pair from Nike which again I have used to their demise. At that point I found myself extremely addicted to a pair of TOMS footwear which I wore practically everyday as long as weather permitted and which I have now promoted as my official driving shoes as part of their retirement. TOMS shoes are really comfy but with the minor con of not being waterproof.

This pair however, is a totally different story:_1090842_edited

I have never bought a pair of Converse sneakers before. I never quite understood its appeal but now, I wear these practically everywhere and with every outfit imaginable. Except perhaps with those formal events wear and that Taylor Swift-style sundress that just called for the girly-est sandals I had. I went for the classic black and white as I really wear my shoes to death and I wanted to be able to wear them with practically everything. The girl in me originally wanted the red pair but compromised on the fact that I got the pair with the slightest wedge heels.

Usefulness: Extremely high. And they provided safety for my feet too as I slipped in a puddle last week and sprained my ankle just ever so slightly. Thankfully they were protected by thick socks and these sneakers which led me to some minor limping only for a day or two. | Giddy factor: 8/10 I adore these sneakers but I really got them for practical purposes which brings down the giddy factor by a point. But just a point as I’m practically living in these sneakers. | Repurchase: Other colors available are red, grey and denim as far as I remember. So in red maybe? But just maybe. Not definitely, definitely.

2013 7/21


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