SwitchEasy, Switch Now


Quite similar to the way I use my bags and shoes, I practically never changed my phone case since the day I got it. Until today.

photo 1_edited

My trusty red wallet case had tears at the edges, with the cover practically falling off, and I still didn’t want to part with it. But a requirement of the promo was to trade your old case to get 50% off on a new SwitchEasy case and the sales lady convinced me that it was also for a good cause as they will be recycling the old cases. It was highly doubtful that my red case would have lasted a day longer anyway. And so I did.


Here’s my new SwitchEasy lanyard ultra slim case. It is 1mm thin with a provision for a lanyard attachment which I absolutely adore as I like my gadgets tethered to my wrist as much as possible for safety. I would have preferred to have it in red but my choices were limited to white, pink, and blue. I decided on the blue as it went really well with the beige accessories I’ve been getting lately. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At 50% off and with 4s cases practically gone everywhere, I think this SwitchEasy case is a good deal. The package didn’t include an actual lanyard which is ironic since it was labeled as a lanyard case but it did include 2 pcs of Clear Screen Protectors, 2 pcs each of Connector Protectors and a Microfibre wipe that I seem to need to bring everywhere. The clear protective screen membrane needs a bit of an adjustment from me as it is quite a change from my former matte one which didn’t reflect fingerprints as quickly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The promo runs until August 18 and includes cases not only for the 4s but for the iPhone 5 as well with an even more extensive selection. Head on over to the stores listed above if you’re in need for a new case. Or two. Just make sure to bring your old (maybe dilapidated) cases along for the trade.

2013 7/22


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