On Health and Wellness: A Series Maybe?

My mother was confined last week for a couple of days. (Yes, I wrote my previous post while sitting on her hospital bed.) She’s okay now with just a few tests left and a follow-up check up but I really had a wake-up call on how unhealthy I am living. (Not to mention my lack of a medical card.)

I realize now that sitting in my chair or in the car (coz apparently I drive now) or in various tables stuffing myself till I’m super full that I can barely move (yup blame that for the weight gain) is highly unhealthy and I may as well be digging my own grave. My favorite food is also bulalo so hello cholesterol!

I can go on and list the many ways I live an unhealthy lifestyle including the time now of my writing this entry and the few hours left till I need to wake up but instead I am going to make an online written commitment with myself to live a healthier lifestyle.

I will live a healthier lifestyle. And help those around me, especially those immediately around me, to do so as well.

So sit back, read on, and sometimes, maybe, just help me out a little as I embark and research on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start small perhaps but at least, let us start – with these two common health tips that I will try to live with as much as I can.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
It also boosts metabolism so double yay to battle weight gain!

Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.
Cut back on the caffeinated and the carbonated as well because not only do most stain your teeth, excessive intake may lead to health problems.

It may be true what they say, everything in excess is not good for you

Except maybe, water.


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