The Gen Ad Exp: Maybelline Clear Smooth To Go

When I’m in a hurry (which I am practically all the time) I barely apply makeup – just basic sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, and cheek tint. Unfortunately, with plenty of late nights spent working (I like the quiet really), I need some sort of concealer on a daily basis.

I used to pat on MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation under my eyes but the shade is all wrong since it was for my face. I had concealers but I don’t really have the time to use them everyday. Enter my brilliant idea to get another MAC just for my under eye area for a quick pat every morning. (Nope, not really brilliant budget-wise.)

But then enter my more brilliant idea to try and get a cheaper version of a powder foundation to use everyday. (Now this one’s really brilliant.) And thus I stumbled upon Maybelline’s Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Foundation To Go with SPF 25. It’s a nifty little compact with a puff and mirror.
I got the Nude Beige shade instead of the Natural which gives enough coverage for my under eye. I just have to be careful with the eye cream so the powder wouldn’t crack midday.
This is how it looks after an entire day. For 99 pesos, I think it does its job fine.

Usefulness: High. | Giddy factor: 8/10 The price really makes me giddy. Not to mention the portability and coverage. | Repurchase: Most likely. Unless my 1-week trial is still not enough for a good test run. But we’ll see. I’m liking it so far. I am however, also working on getting enough sleep for a healthier lifestyle so I wouldn’t need this as much. Hello healthy natural glow! (Soon.)

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