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Just in case anyone has noticed, I have recently updated my “Life in a Nutshell.” From design | dine | do | dream | dash, I have added “ | dazzle “. I felt the need to have a dedicated category with my recent foray into beauty blogging because I was having a hard time fitting my beauty posts into the existing ones. I originally wanted to post all things beauty under dream because really, makeup is like my happy little escape from reality. Aside from reading and of course this, blogging. If anyone asks, designing is my reality. It is my day job, my night job, and yes, my dream job. I love being an architect – late night drawings, deadlines, bursts of inspiration, moments of stress and all. There’s nothing quite like seeing your designs become concrete. Pun intended.

Probably unbeknownst to many save for a few stalkers-slash-friends I have acquired along the way, I have been actively blogging since 2005 and have tried out almost every platform available – blogger, livejournal, tumblr, deviantart before finally settling into wordpress. “Code is poetry.” Their tagline is reason enough for me. I won’t post the links to those blogs anymore as I have since moved them on to private/or they have been deleted.

And just in case anyone has noticed, words are my medium. I have a tendency to write more than post photos but I will try to be more visual in this blog from now on. So let me welcome you to | dazzle with some random shots of what’s to come.







Cheers! Smile

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