Monthly Magazines: Metro August 2013


I have proclaimed time and again my love for my iPad and the ease of carrying practically all my magazines and books with me everywhere I go. Zinio loves me so much that they give me gifts every so often because I have multiple magazine subscriptions. Amazon’s Kindle store sees me one-clicking in frequency. With 85% of my 32gb storage dedicated to reading material, I have turned the iPad into a digital library.

This month though, I succumbed to getting my first print copy of a magazine in a while – Metro’s August 2013 issue. My subscription to their iPad app expired last month and I haven’t renewed yet as I keep getting my latest issues a bit late in the month. I saw this cover in their twitter account a while back and I knew I had to have it asap.

My primary reason for the purchase? Two words. And no, it’s not Ian Somerhalder.

Because yes, I have a girl crush on Nina Dobrev.

And it’s Metro’s Style issue. More than fashion, I gravitate towards developing style more. It has been my lifelong quest to develop my own. I don’t know if I have even reached 25% in terms of distinction. But maybe I haven’t been paying much attention yet as I have lately (quite a while really) been borderline obsessed and indulgent on developing my makeup and skincare routines. I want them streamlined and simplified but with the maximum effect. I have been asking way too much from multi-tasking products. If I can keep my kit to 5 products, that would be the best. But that’s another story totally not unrelated to this post. I just thought I’d share my monthly insights on the numerous magazines that get delivered to me wirelessly in the hopes that I’d get to read through ALL of them. I’m still trying to figure out how best to deliver these insights so for now, I’m settling for my top 5 reasons to get this month’s Metro. Even though Nina Dobrev is reason enough really.

1. Duh. Ian Somerhalder. Of course.

2. How to find your personal style. I loved this article by Geolette. She was our college batchmate in Arki and I really admire her writing style and how she managed to balance all her passions – fashion, writing, architecture, and many more. She regularly writes the Girl About Town feature in Metro and there’s always something new and definitely interesting each month. Read the article and be guided towards discovering your personal style. I hope to do this by attempting to document my “OOTD” for 7 days straight in order to find out if there is a specific style pattern in me so far. The start of the 7 days documentation is still subject to internal discussion with myself though as I want it to be as natural as possible but diverse enough to feature more than my staple site work wear. (Because yes, I have somehow developed a uniform for my site visits.)

3. The Pre-fall Runway Report. Metro lists Subtle Iridescence, Waist Management, Kimono Sleeves, Puffed Sleeves. I’m really loving fall already. Not that I’m going out to shop for clothes anytime soon. My makeup and skincare wish list/must-haves is still a mile long. I will try to reinvent my clothes though to fit the incoming season. But we shall see. Sometimes all you need is a jacket and accessories to get you through a new season. Or at least that is what I believe. Especially when on a budget.

4. To Each Her Own. A beauty feature on Tricia Gosingtian, Rissa Mananguil-Trillo, Vania Romoff, Kim Jones. Hip, Classic, Romantic, Adventurous. Which are you? Which am I? I think I may be a mix of the Hip-Classic. To be a Classic is my lifelong goal, but Hip? That is my excuse what makes me look forward to every new collection. Haha.

5. Nina Dobrev. I know this is cheating as I said aside from, but really? The cover alone was more than enough for me.

There are plenty more reasons in the issue. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder. Nina Dobrev. Do get one before the month ends.


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