FOTD: Kathryn Bernardo Inspired Makeup

My ilusyonada self could not stop from taking my own shot at mimicking Lala Flores’ makeup look for Kathryn Bernardo’s Preview Magazine Cover last August.

I absolutely loved the makeup ever since I saw the cover:

preview cover

I watched the video how-to from Preview’s online home: Style Bible and tried to follow as close as I can (with the limited tools and time I had at that moment). I didn’t have most of the products needed as outlined here – and I was in a rush then so I basically used the first palette I thought of.

My go-to eyeshadow palette for so long – Jane Carry Along Eye Zing in Goddess. I’ve had it since forever as evidenced by this photo.


I have probably used this palette for practically every event I went to before my aunts finally gave me more eyeshadows to play with. I now have a bit more in my collection with the most recent, Urban Decay’s Naked2, from one of my childhood friends Cyndelle. More FOTDs maybe? Hopefully, really. I can’t promise. I was practically bedridden for 3 weeks and have only begun to move recently. I’m still at that point of catching up with work.

What I like about Jane eye zings – they’re cheap, the colors are great, the texture is easy to work with. Let’s see how I fare with this quick trial run of Kathryn’s fresh-faced look. I’m not entirely satisfied with the outcome as I don’t think I did my base well enough. I don’t look as fresh-faced. Or maybe it’s just the age. Or the stress. LOL. I want to try this out again but I still have a lot of makeup pegs to do so this is probably it. For now.




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