My Avon Story 2013

So before I post a whole load of Avon reviews, let me tell you a story about me and Avon.


I actually grew up with the brand – my Lola was an Avon lady, my Tita was an Avon lady, even some of my neighbors and my Mother’s officemates are Avon ladies. I grew up with Heaven Scent and Sweet Honesty. I tried most of their magic lipsticks – you know the ones that are colored green or blue in the tube but turn pink or red on your lips. I had quite a few of their bras and pajamas.

Somewhere along the way though, I lost sight of Avon. It just disappeared from my list of regular things to buy, kind of like how I outgrew Penshoppe back in high school only to rediscover the brand later on. Leighton Meester hello. Ian Somerhalder hello. And the hot fudge on top of that cold vanilla ice cream, Nina Dobrev.

But that’s going beyond my story (as I tend to do really, my apologies), this post is all about Avon. I was reintroduced to the brand just this year when one of my architect friend’s Mom, Aaron, encouraged me to become an Avon lady. I wasn’t intending to sell really, that went to my Tita’s to do with me picking up her items every so often, but apparently, I loved buying from Avon for personal use.


I realized then, after some time, that Avon has completely rebranded and is quite a force to be reckoned with. Though I don’t think they ever went away, but now their media exposure and visibility as well as their top-notch endorsers make for quite irresistible products. Lucy Torres Gomez, Ruffa Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson, Angel Locsin, Solenn Heussaff, Xian Lim, and Kris Bernal just to name a few. Can anyone beat that stellar line-up of local celebrities? (Maybe Bench? But that’s also another story and an entirely different line of products. I have repeatedly declared my love for their Envi tees and now their Japanese Cotton Bench Body tees.)

So back to Avon, what I love from them is their Naturals line (face masks) as well as their yummy smelling lotions and shower gels. Skin So Soft is also quite nice. I was also fond of their makeup as they offered a girl’s basics at a very affordable price.

BUT. That was before they brought in their new makeup collection. Now, their makeup tops my list of things to buy every time I go visit their Shaw Blvd. Worldwide Corporate Center branch. (Abroad, I have adored for quite some time their sister company, Mark, but sadly, these are not available here.)


Endorsed and launched by Anne Curtis back in August, Avon’s new makeup line featured reformulated lipsticks, eyeshadows, and liners that are quite competitive not only in pricing but also in quality. I know I am yet to do a comparison post but for a makeup novice like me, I just love being able to play around with my makeup without emptying my bank account.

Enter the whole journey of becoming part of Avon’s Makeup Council which is outlined in the following posts:

And now, I get to review for everyone some Avon products sent to us for our honest feedback. I’ll post about which ones I absolutely love to those that I don’t particularly like so much. For this October, here’s what to look forward to.





I never really thought I’d become a beauty blogger, I was always so shy and wasn’t entirely comfortable showing my face or even my whole getting ready and applying makeup process. I am still shy up to now but I realized I had a lot to say and I actually had a lot of beauty products to review and talk about, thanks to my lovable Aunts and Uncle from the US as well as my friends who constantly give me beauty products as presents. And yes, thanks to me too as I get giddy just from looking at my little makeup collection which I always try to keep organized and on display as if I’m in a shopping counter.


At the end of the day though, I believe that makeup serves only to enhance what God gave and inner beauty of course, matters a whole lot more.

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