OOTDs feat. Avon Festive Decorations 6 Pairs Earring Set

I have always loved a pair of stud earrings for my everyday wear and have used this particular pair of white sapphire studs with practically every outfit I can think of. It’s the simplicity of that small and simple stud on my ear that I think balances the rest of my usually mismatchy attire. It lends a sort of grounding for my multiple layers and the numerous bags that I usually carry.

Now while I am still saving up for a pair of diamond studs, I would like to thank Avon for sending me this lovely set – the Avon Festive Decorations 6 Pairs Earring Set. Being an Avon lady myself, I have seen this particular set in the October 16-31 brochure. If you purchase P499 from the items in the brochure (save for a few exceptions), the set is yours for only P199. I honestly think that’s a pretty great deal considering you get 6 different pairs to mix and match – faux pearls, blue studs, red studs, clear studs, green studs, and silvertone studs.


Of course I had to road test and so far I have used 3 out of the 6 as of this writing.

Outfit 1 Blue Stud Earrings – Meeting and Shopping Day


I paired the Blue Stud Earrings with my H&M shirt, F21 jeans, Parisian flats and a necklace I got from Zalora. I chose the Blue Stud to further enhance the blue theme I wanted to get going. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take an outfit shot that day which is why I went to Zalora to recreate my outfit with their products. (I love how there are so many interesting items in their site and yes, I still have to write about their excellent customer service and how they got my Lagu beach blanket to me on time. But that’s for another post.) The details of my recreated outfit can be found in my Pinterest board in case you’d like to know the links to each particular item – OOTD Avon Festive Decorations Earrings Set.

outfit blue portrait

Outfit 2 Red Stud Earrings – Meetings and Site Visits Day


My apologies for the lack of makeup in the photo above as I rarely wear makeup on site and this was one of those days that I had quite a few to go to. The most I can do on this type of day would be to quickly apply moisturizer with sunscreen and some blush maybe, depending on the time. I paired the Red Stud Earrings with this orange Cotton On polo that I use as my uniform when going to sites.

Outfit 3 Clear Stud EarringsPaktor VIP Launch at Skye


I had quite a few bracelets in this particular outfit which is why I chose to use the Clear Stud Earrings with my F21 top and Mango pants. I feel that it evokes the same effect as my white sapphires and dream diamond studs by adding just the right amount of sparkle.


I have already planned outfits where I can wear the remaining 3 studs – the Faux Pearls for a meeting, the Green Studs for Anna’s birthday celebration, and the Silvertone Studs for PhFW. I’ll see if I’ll be able to post the rest of these outfits once I actually wear them.

Overall, I really like this set as it provides a high level of versatility at a very affordable price. The different pairs of earrings can be matched with practically any outfit and sometimes, you don’t even need to think and you can just go and grab whichever pair, assured that you would look equally fabulous. Admittedly I would have preferred for the Green Stud to be more like the Red and Blue Studs but maybe the mix in finish (the Green one is more matte) would work for more people. I would recommend this set for anyone who loves the simplicity of studs but wants the color, texture, and variety of the truly fashionable.

Visit http://www.avon.com.ph for more information or talk to your friendly neighborhood Avon lady on how to get your own set. I personally have orders for 2 sets already so be quick as the Avon Festive Decorations 6-Pair Earrings Set is limited edition and a surefire best seller. If Avon didn’t give me a set, my orders would without a doubt be for 3.


2 thoughts on “OOTDs feat. Avon Festive Decorations 6 Pairs Earring Set”

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! 😀 I’m actually missing longer hair and a more natural hair color! I feel like I have to be made up for this hair always or else I’ll look “unfinished”. But maybe that’s just in my head. LOL.

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