Hello November!


I haven’t written anything under “do” in a while so I thought I’d start off the second to the last month of 2013 with this.

13 things to do till the end of 2013

  1. Do something secretive for once without telling the people closest to me all about it. I think I have an idea for this but I’m not yet sure if I can actually go through with it.
  2. Catch up with all the lined up blog posts in my head so that I will actually be looking for and thinking of new things to write about instead of always feeling like I’m waaaay behind in posting. (Or at least be able to post as much as I can on those topics I want to post about the most.)
  3. Learn a new skill or two or three – hello calligraphy, watercolor, and yes, more makeup.
  4. Go on a makeup ban till #Japan2013. But only after I do this one last major haul for the season.
  5. Enroll in these classes I have wanted to enroll in for a while now. At least even just one to further my eternal quest for knowledge.
  6. Take great photos. My photography skills at the moment are non-existent. I want to be able to take photos not just from my phone camera (which is great really) or my trusty Olympus point and shoot, but from a “real” camera. Without buying a new one to call my own like say the Olympus Pen Mini Lite that I would need for travelling maybe. Hopefully. Smile with tongue out
  7. Workout!!! A combination of swimming, yoga, and cycling (at least in place) is my top choice. I haven’t worked out in a while and I really, really want to get back in shape.
  8. Finish reading all my to-read books. I HAVE PLENTY. But this is for recreation and I want to be able to do this at a leisurely pace. Not just because I made it a goal.
  9. Get published. Writing has always been my eternal dream.
  10. Road trip 2013. This has been a long time coming.
  11. Throw a fabulous holiday party and wear an equally fabulous dress and cook an even more fabulous meal.
  12. Watch a play or two. In preparation for Wicked come January.
  13. Gain ground. Then start to fly.

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