Save Me Saturday

To the tune of Remy Zero’s Save Me, (I once got super addicted to Smallville and its theme song not because of Tom Welling or even Lex Luthor I forgot his name and I’m too lazy to Google, but because of none other than Lana Lang aka Kristin Kreuk. A semi-obsession worth writing about once I present my current style stars), I write this latest blog post.

This is actually about a beauty box subscription. My first actually. Totally non-intentional as I really, really didn’t want the #beautysos Glamourbox and thought that since I’ve been seeing the box all over the world wide web, they have run out of stock already. But it turns out they haven’t and lo and behold, 2 days after I bought my first two-box subscription at Glamourbox, I got a notice that they were shipping my box to my doorstep.


I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t disappointed. I knew the contents of the box. I read practically every review I can find of it which is why I actually decided to finally, finally get a subscription. I didn’t need the skincare stuff. The Mustela bonus lotion I was sure I didn’t even have the chance to get. I didn’t need yet another lipstick. But it was on its merry little way to me and I resigned myself to one last wish – that I please get the #205 shade of Ofra.

I got my wish. Plus a whole lot more. And disappointed became me no more.


Turns out I’m pretty good at making lemonade out of lemons. I say lemons because 85% of the products in the Glamourbox I now know I will use. So let me count the ways.

There are three main reasons why I chose to finally get a subscription. Admittedly it’s been a long time coming but I’ve been trying to deny myself from more beauty purchases.

  1. VALUE FOR MONEY. – For around P500, you get more than you pay for. These beauty boxes are curated and the Glamourbox team sure does one hell of a great job. The Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum plus the Kanebo Impress Advanced CT Essence are more than enough. For me though, the real gem of the box is the Ofra Lipstick in #205. It hasn’t left my FOTD’s since I got the tube and that says something. I honestly rarely wear lipstick and prefer sticking with plain old colorless lipbalms for everyday wear. I almost always only apply lipstick or lipgloss once just before I head out the door. Any reapplication from then on shows my true fascination with a certain product and the Ofra #205 has become such a treat to wear and reapply.
  2. SURPRISE GALORE. – I love me a good surprise. I frequently tell my friends that I hate surprises but that’s mostly because there’s rarely a good one (they haven’t managed to surprise me with a good enough party just yet haha), But with Glamourbox, I’m sure I’ll be getting a good one every single time. I’ve been tracking their boxes since they first came, from their website to the blogs I frequent, and I’ve been wanting to get one for so long. I am so glad I finally did.
  3. DISCOVERY. I never would have found Ofra if not for this latest box. Now I want to get more shades. The lipstick’s texture is simply fantastic. My lips get really dry if I don’t give proper attention throughout the day and this tube is one of those that helps out by preventing instead of bringing out the dryness. The #205’s blue-toned cool pink (I suck at describing colors but I think that’s how it looks like on my lips) is something I find really lovely to wear. I’ve worn it to a party, to a meeting, to a simple movie date with my best friends, and yes, I even wear it at home just because I like how it looks. I really wouldn’t have bought one in a million years but since it came with my box, I am now an avid fan.


Ofra #205 Swatches – one swipe on the lower swatch, 5 swatches layered on the upperDSC_0455_edited

On to the box. Or not. By now, a lot of beauty bloggers have unboxed the Beauty SOS Glamourbox and they have all done a great job. I know because I’ve read a lot of them. So instead of doing an unboxing, let me just do a quick run through on how I intend to use most of the items included in the box.


  • Coupons –  Since I plan on going swimming more as a form of exercise/leisure, I will surely need new swimwear. The P500 discount voucher from Soleo Swimwear will find its use soon enough. The Anma Lifestyle 10% off voucher is also another delight as I intend to finally be able to streamline and prepare my travel packs soon. Or at least some time before we leave for Japan next year.
  • Avon Genics Gen-Protect SPF15 Treatment – This I will probably use soon if only to check its promise of undoing 10 years off my face. But honestly, I have come to appreciate my evolution and there’s no way I’d choose to undo 10 years of my life. We are where we are meant to be.
  • Rejuvalash – Now this I’ll be using for 21 days starting today. Let’s see if I do get that “Runway Look”.


Overall, I’m quite happy with my first Glamourbox. It gave me enough reasons to keep on subscribing and I now understand why a lot of beauty lovers out there keep on doing so box after box. I’m quite excited for my next one! Hopefully they ship out really soon.


FOTD: Urban Decay Palette in Naked 2, MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy, Ofra Lipstick in #205. DSC_0262_edited


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