Loco over the Local and the Global

I went to the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2013 twice this weekend. The first one – to get a look (and shop ever so slightly) at the great brands we have. The second – I had to squeeze in a super super quick visit just to have an item exchanged. I was a bit disappointed.. I still am actually but more details on this later.

Anyway, here’s a quick run through of the bazaar in case you weren’t able to go. Most brands are available online via Facebook or Instagram but being able to see them in person is really great. You get to actually touch the items, sniff the scents, check the colors without too much of the filters.. The list goes on in terms of advantage. Super bonus is being able to talk to the designers and/or owners of the brands and get to know them a bit as it is still admittedly hard sometimes to just trust someone over the internet. Thank God for feedback, yes?

On to the photos:


I love these wood items – they would make great presents for my family and clients! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the brand. My priorities went directly to bags, shoes, basically “non-work” items that I forgot to take the card for this one. But hopefully I can do my research and find them.


Wet bags galore! Perfect for the summer! It’s never too early to prepare.


I really wanted these Sewn Sandals. I think I have 4 pairs that I liked but ended up not getting any as they are available in Greenhills Shoppesville Arcade and I would just go there to have more time to ponder.


Mano and Lagu. I adore my violet Lagu Beach Blanket that I currently use as display because of my lack of beach trips.





I wanted this bag for the cutesy factor. Not to mention I absolutely love popcorn. But it had a Kate Spade logo on the side and it didn’t fit my daily stuff so it was a no-go in the end.





Another non-purchase for me, this Abby Jocson bag.. It took a lot of self-control as I really love the design, structure, and black and white contrast. If only I didn’t have 3 laptop bags already that are unfortunately, all plain black. This one would have made a nice addition being black and white. Haha. It’s still taking a lot of self-control though but I really don’t want to shop a lot this season so I can put my money to more worthy causes as of now.


Oh V&M Naturals.. I really want to love your brand as there are plenty of your products that I am interested in and I’ve been hearing great reviews… But you made me go back to the Bazaar because I got a faulty tube of the Smooch Lip Detox I purchased as my intro to the brand. I know that we can’t always guarantee for a tube to be able to function well so I went back and got my faulty tube replaced but sadly yet again, as I was in a hurry, we didn’t even park, you gave me this tube.


I can’t even read most of the words on the tube and this is a brand new one supposedly. I’m really  quite easy to please but I’m a sucker for packaging and this one just disappoints me. It feels like it has rolled around in my bag with my pens and keys already when it hasn’t even reached day 1 in my possession. I went back to get it replaced even when I had other things lined up already as I don’t see any way for me to be able to use it if I didn’t but could you have given me a nice tube at least for the inconvenience of having to go back for a single tube of lip balm? I know it’s just a tube but it did cost me P205 for me not to be able to use properly. But I will still try your lip balm and hopefully, it will do wonders like the nice lady you had in the stall promised.


And since I already went back for day 2. I ordered from Istorya finally. Will post about this handmade jewelry once I get my order as I have really high hopes for them. We met the designer of the brand, Joanna, and she was really nice and accommodating.

Other brands that caught my particular interest but I don’t have pictures of:

1. Canvas Lifestyle Bags – I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of their bags! Simple and structured bags that are great for toting around your portfolio. Plus you can get one customized to fit A3 which I always bring along.

2. M Fragrances – I bought their Pillow and Linen Spray in Eucalyptus for P150 because I have a perpetual headache these days and one sniff really helps relieve the pain.

Contact info of my fave 3 brands:

Istorya – @istorya, http://facebook.com/istorya.creations, Joanna Gutierrez

Mfragrances – @mfragrances, mfragrances10@yahoo.com

Canvas – @canvasmanilalifestylebags, http://facebook.com/canvasmanila, Rizza Dadivas and James Catan


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