Waiting for the Weekend

The highs of bazaar hopping and actual mall going tend to linger come Monday. So while most of us are stuck in front of our laptops and workstations (or sites and meetings) for the rest of the week, who’s to say we can’t indulge in a little retail therapy.

Enter the world of online shopping where the virtual world beckons with all the pretty pictures and things up for sale. I don’t even have to leave the convenience of sitting here. I just type a few words, click, text, confirm, basically just follow the procedure and voila – I would have spent 5k already! Haha just kidding! But really, I’m an avid fan.


I have said this over and over again. Zinio has my eternal love. When I moved from IOS to Android, part of my decision was based on the fact that Zinio – basically my digital magazines go-to site/app – held most of my magazines with just a few exceptions. Leaving InStyle US right before Taylor Swift became the cover left me with a little despair. Being followed by Jennifer Lawrence? Let’s just say I am now on the verge (in my dreams most probably) of getting an iPad Air which I can get at the Apple Store.


A few months back, just before we went to Boracay, I got myself a Lagu Beach Blanket from Zalora. I vowed to myself to post about this after the trip but sadly, I am only posting now.


I GIVE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE 5 STARS! Seriously, I really commend the support person who helped me get my package delivered before the day of my flight by having it hand-delivered to me by the shipping company via one of their delivery guys on his way home. Just imagine purchasing a beach blanket for your beach trip only for it to arrive at your home, on the day of your flight, while you were already in the air! Well that was the situation and I was nearly ready to accept. I actually thought of having the Lagu shipped to Boracay coz I was staying there for 5 days. Thankfully, it didn’t have to get to that point as I got my Zalora shipment on the same day I called them up.

Here’s my cousin Alex rocking the Lagu in Boracay.


Check out Zalora’s Online Revolution campaign as they have teamed up with a few other online shopping sites, Lazada and Adeals Powered By Ayala Malls, to bring us amazing shopping discounts. Click on the banner for more details.

Online Revolution

Instagram has me shopping for those little trinkets and things more than I’d like. Here’s a list of some of the great shops I follow:

Tupped – I got my Naked Flushed from them at a bazaar last month. They have the Naked 3 up for pre-order but I’m still contemplating/debating if I’m going to get one.

Samu’t Sari Eighty Eight – My latest purchase of an organizer for my growing watch collection. Plus my recent fascination with quaint jewelry needs me storing them “properly” like my makeup which I want arranged like I’m in a shop. I’m still waiting for the Heart Watch and Jewelry Organizer to arrive though.

Shopnstyle – I got my Arrow necklace from her as well as a couple of midi rings. It takes a lot of self-discipline not to order every time from this really nice seller as she posts interesting and trendy jewelry all the time.

That’s it for now. I have tons more in my list but I think these sites will tide you enough over till the weekend. Cheers to some online (or window which I always do) shopping!


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