The Difference of Being Different

I got the invite from Because, Inc. at practically the last minute. Erica told me to confirm by 12 noon of November 20th when it was in fact November 20 with just an hour left to confirm! Thankfully I was online and I checked my schedule to see if I can make it which as luck would have it, I could.


It still amazes me and I am quite grateful to get invited to these events as I only officially started beauty blogging a few months ago. Somehow it seems that I have a few readers out there and for every writer, I think to be read, of course, brings such great joy.

I didn’t know about Because, Inc. before the event except that they were the ones who brought in The Cream Factory and Saforelle. I only knew about Saforelle from Ae’s blog where she reviewed the item from her Glamourbox. I had one actually from my own Beauty SOS Glamourbox but haven’t gotten around to using it. I had no expectations whatsoever coming to the event except that I hoped that they’ll be nice to me. Contrary to popular belief, I am quite shy.


Little hearts trailed the way to to the Because Inc. HQ and I stepped inside one of the coolest offices I’ve seen, with matching cool and warm people to boot! The event was all french and factory themed as Saforelle came from France and The Cream Factory products are designed to look like milk produce. The event started with introductions and soon, we were on our way to discovering more (or at least I was) about these two great brands that Because, Inc. carries.


Then we get to talking about Saforelle. I love this photo below as it shows a guy talking about feminine wash. Seriously. But quite seriously, they told us all about Saforelle with its magic ingredient Burdock The feminine wash which is the number 1 of its kind sold in French pharmacies is actually labeled as Gentle Cleansing Care for Body and Intimate Hygiene that they clearly declare as suitable for daily use.


They even brought in an industry expert, Monsieur Bruno all the way from France to explain to us how medical experts are actually the ones behind the product. He gamely answered all our questions before leaving for his flight scheduled that day.


Saforelle can also be used by guys to stop itching like in cases of mosquito bites. Just two or three drops will be enough per use so a bottle can last you longer.



The Cream Factory was up next and here you can see The Cream Factory tree! Just in time for the holidays!


The Cream Factory is from Fremont, California and the Bath Creams were the first product that Because Inc brought in. There were so many variants to choose from and I was excited to check out each. All smelled so divine which is probably caused by their sourcing of top notch ingredients all over the world. The Goat’s milk came from the Netherlands, the Lavender from France, the Almond oil from Spain, and Acai from South Africa to name a few.


I will review The Cream Factory in another post as I’m currently road testing the products so stay tuned!


The bloggers who attended the event also witnessed the unveiling of The Cream Factory’s Scrub-in-a-Tub, making us the first people in the world to be able to try out the Yummy, Creamy, and Salty variants!


I personally love the Salty variant of the scrub but honestly, choosing a favorite is a difficult decision. I look forward to purchasing my own Scrub-in-a-Tub as I didn’t win any during the event. I want to road test them further as when I used the scrubs on my perpetually dry hands, I was able to go for a good few hours, around 2-3 I think, without feeling the need to apply lotion. That alone makes me really intrigued as I really need to put lotion on my hands constantly to combat dryness.


We came home with these goodies in a cutesy pail with a matching personalized hand drawn Eiffel Tower. Thanks so much to the Because Inc family for inviting me to their event! I look forward to hearing more from these guys and their wonderful products!


Follow them online for more info.

Twitter: @SaforellePH @TCFph

Instagram: @saforelleph @thecreamfactoryph


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