Nail Mishaps and Must-haves

I used to indulge in regular nail spa treatments until it became time-consuming and also quite costly. So I stopped. But I am recently rediscovering the joy of having painted and polished nails, something colorful and simple to brighten up the day.


I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey of trial and error and hopefully success soon as I try to find the nail care suited for me and the pretty polishes I can apply on myself as easily as a swipe of lipgloss.

Any advice for me, please do share. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nail Mishaps and Must-haves”

    1. Hi Ae! Yup I read your post about nails! Haha stalker ako ng blog mo.

      I used to get from The Face Shop also but apparently I’m really lazy when it comes to doing my nails. I don’t know why I’m becoming a nail person all of a sudden. It must be those instagram photos!

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