Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014

Pardon the lack of a more creative title but I’m currently still in the midst of my great clean-up of 2013. See? I’m still in 2013.

But the reason I’m posting this is because I’m actually pretty excited to finally get a Belle De Jour Power Planner. I’ve been stalking them ever since they first started. I’ve recommended and urged and pushed my friends and family to get one but I’ve never gotten for myself. You see, I’ve always liked the pretty illustrations but I felt that they made the planner look too much like a girly girl’s. Not that I have anything against girly girls, I think I am one deep inside. But I had a solid relationship with the Starbucks planners then an extreme love affair with my Moleskine Red Twinsets until finally, here we are.


My first ever BDJ Power Planner. And yes, I intend to live as fully as possible.

I can’t imagine a more perfect planner as it is. (Except maybe wider spaces for the weekends and more vacation planner pages as I aspire to run around with purpose the entire year through.) Every page on the planner makes me feel the thought and care and love that the BDJ Planner Family put in. Being a certified BDJ girl (finally!) is indeed worth it.


I got the simpler cover as I am more comfortable carrying it around. The shiny violet touches still make it a girly girl’s journal. I call it a journal now as I find that every time I flip through the pages, I keep thinking of all the wonderful ways I can fill it up. All the little features they have included like the Blog Ideas Page, the Menstrual tracker,  the 2014 BDJ Checklist, all these and more are tidbits of wisdom to help guide a girl through this journey called life. #85 on the list actually said “Design your future house.” and this I commit to do. Someone pointed out to me #79 which said “Improve your penmanship.” but I do type as easy as I breathe so that’s one off the list.

Monthly articles of different topics make me feel like I’m reading a magazine instead of a planner which makes it cool as it seems like I’m writing my own literary piece – 365 daily doses of designing, dining, doing, dreaming, dashing, and dazzling.DSC_1779_edited

I can go on and on really but let’s just say I’m pretty happy with this one. Except for one other tiny, tiny thing that I found out when I turned to this page.


They put my birthday in July.


But I’m looking past that because of the Coupon Completion Challenge! Smile

You basically get your BDJ 2015 Planner free if you use 40 coupons by September 30. This I’m looking forward to doing and will probably put up a dedicated page to keep track of my progress.

And with that, let’s jumpstart the new year! Cheers!


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