The Cream of the Crop

Let’s get through this mountain of backlog shall we? Smile

TCF_Dessert For The Skin_edited

Last year I was lucky enough to get invited to Because Inc.’s bloggers event for Saforelle and The Cream Factory * which can be read about here.

Before the event, I have only seen The Cream Factory from online posts and was quite intrigued about them because of the cute milk bottle packaging and the different variants. I unfortunately thought at the time that buying a special bath cream was unnecessary even if I constantly suffered from excessively dry skin. I didn’t know then that I would soon find that applying ridiculous amounts of lotion throughout the day, the one to be completely unnecessary.


The presentation of The Cream Factory was incredibly fun. The wonderful Because Inc family told us all about the premium ingredients used in the product. I especially took note of the benefits of the different variants to suit my particular needs.

The 12 Delicious Concoctions of THE CREAM FACTORY (as seen in their slide presentation)

  • Goat’s Milk & Yogurt – The Soothing Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Honey – The Germ-Killing Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Witch Hazel – The Rejuvenating Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Lavender – The Relaxing Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Almond – The Detoxifying Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Cinnamon – The Detoxifying Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Avocado – The Radiating Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Acai Berry – The Age-Defying Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Jojoba – The Clarifying Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Seaweed – The Revitalizing Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Mulberry – The Brightening Soap
  • Goat’s Milk & Chamomile – The Calming Soap

I took special interest in Avocado because of the “radiating” effect and that is what I tried first out of the three variants I have. Two from the event and one from my December Glamourbox.


It took me more than a month to finish off one 7.5 fl.oz/221 ml bottle (I’m still squeezing out the last drops really and might last two more showers) which was more than I expected from daily use. I actually thought I’d be using the Cinnamon variant during the holiday season but this is a pleasant surprise as the longer it would take me to go through a bottle means more value for money.

But the real value for me is the fact that I immediately noticed after my first few days that my skin didn’t feel dry anymore. Sometimes I even forget to put on lotion when I’m in a rush (and we all know how the holi-daze does exactly that) and I don’t get the dry white lines as easily.

That alone for me is super plus plus plus points. No one wants dry skin especially when wearing shorts or skirts. Not to mention the elbow area which almost always dries up immediately.


The moisturizing effect is the ultimate bonus but the scents are quite pleasant as well. They’re not overpowering at all and they have enough scent to lend a certain luxurious feeling when showering. And the packaging is really cute. The Cream Factory will definitely be on my grocery list once I run out.

Go ahead. Give in._edited

*I received my first two The Cream Factory bottles as part of the bloggers event giveaway. The third one I got from my Glamourbox subscription which I paid for. The review is based on my actual experience.


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