On the Pedestal: That Thing Called Writing and the Beauty Bloggers I Stalk PART 1

Yup, I know, it’s a really weird title. I can’t think of anything else because right now, I just want to write. I’ve been getting sick for various reasons over the holidays and beyond (yes, up to now) which is why my productivity level is at an all-time low. I have a writing assignment to do, archi stuff to fulfill, and plenty of posts to write. My ideas on what I want to write about are surging through my brain so fast (or maybe I’m just sick and they’re slow in reality) that I don’t know where to start anymore. Anyway, I’m just writing now for the sake of writing. Sometimes I just like hearing myself type so fast that I’m not even thinking of what I’m saying. Teehee.

Anyway, again, let me make a quick shortlist of my fave beauty bloggers of the moment – I’ll limit to the five that I’m feverishly (because I do have a fever) stalking, whose urls I’ve memorized, and practically not a day goes by without the requisite visit and overstaying.

1. Ae of An Artechoke. – I personally know Ae and for that I consider myself incredibly lucky. She’s incredibly gorgeous in person and her style goes waaaay beyond the makeup looks she posts on her blog which you can visit here –http://www.anartechoke.wordpress.com.  I sometimes type anartechoke.com directly because I feel like she owns the domain so much through her very thorough posts and incredible reviews. I call them incredible because I personally suck at doing reviews. I mostly tell stories, quite lengthy and sometimes not even photo-happy which is supposed to add to a nicer read. I love how her titles are so witty without even trying – Lipstick P/Review anyone? Just visit her blog if you’re not already also stalking her and you’ll know what I mean. I also like how she balances the expensive stuff with the more accessible stuff and I actually got into lipsticks because of her. And her makeup skills! Her FOTDs make me want to pack up my brushes in shame! Now before this blog post turns into All About Ae (Geez, Ae I’m sorry, I’m such a fangirl. I’ve been scared of you since college and I’m so glad Mark got to work with you which makes you more reachable to the likes of me), just head on over to her blog and be am-AE-zed. (Ugh, super fangirl moment going on here. I can’t believe I just said that. Bow.)

2. Shari of The Misty Mom – I first saw Shari in person a long time ago, quite quickly in fact, I don’t think she even remembers having met me in person, at the briefing for the Avon Makeup Council. That’s where I got to know her and I then proceeded to get lost in the world of http://www.themistymom.com. One night I read all her posts from the most recent to the first ever. I love how she chronicles her journey through beauty and her makeup collection is totally drool worthy. Her mad skills have also progressed at such an envious rate for someone who proclaimed she didn’t know much before. I sometimes (in fits of non-shyness) ask her for feedback on makeup purchases (I think I did this once, yes, I am shy.) and she’s really nice to reply. Her pretty baby girl, Selene, is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen in the world wide web. Drop by her blog in case you’re also not following her already. She has a new one up which is http://mom.themistymom.com for her mommy diaries. See, I’m quite the updated little fangirl.

3. Genzel of Genzel Kisses – I haven’t met Genzel in person really but the feeling close little girl in me sometimes feel like I have. She just has this niceness and friendliness that radiates through her posts and replies to my comments and tweets that I just like following her blog everyday. She posts so frequently also! More than I ever will be able to in a million years most probably because I’m suuuper lazy at times. I love how dedicated she is to her blogging and admire that she even got a camera so she can share better quality videos with us her humble followers. Oh wait!!! I’ve actually met her in person at an Asus event which is where I got to know her and her blog, http://www.genzelkisses.com! Urgh there goes my crappy memory. I suddenly remembered now but I don’t want to retype everything I’ve just written. Let’s just say that I met her but I haven’t really talked to her in person. I am honestly really, really, really shy in person. Visit her blog, join her ever generous giveaways, or basically just post hop everything she’s written. There’s a lot of very informative posts and I don’t think I’ve managed to read even half of it yet.

4. Carina of Softly Sometimes – I stalk Carina’s beauty blog, http://softly.nothingspaces.com,  like there’s no tomorrow. It’s one of those blogs whose posts I always check when I open my eyes every morning (yup, I’m quite guilty of that thanks to my Xperia Z Ultra and the unli-wifi). I’m actually scared to read through her entire blog because I know I’ll go crazy in awe with all the makeup tips, reviews, brands, etcetera etcetera etcetera that she features. She’s one of the few bloggers I know that schedules her posts and she practically never fails in giving us her loyal subjects a new treat every time. She writes incredibly well too and her posts always have that well though-off vibe. It’s like when I’ve read her post, I feel like I’ve read a piece of literature or something which makes me feel quite accomplished. Her Made-Up History series is something to definitely check out as well. I’ve never met her in person but I’m sure if I end up in the same room as her, I’ll probably be doing one of my best blend in the background moments.

5. Estee of Essie Button – The last beauty blogger for this feature is Estee of http://www.essiebutton.com. I actually don’t know how to put the ‘ in her name so I’m sticking to Estee. I LOVE her Youtube channel! I just find her so adorable that I can listen to her talking and talking and talking, video after video after video. I want to go head over to where she’s living and strive to meet her in person and just have her sign something of mine (Forgetful Katsy moment here, I think she’s in the UK but I’m not really sure). Yes, I just did a marathon on her Youtube channel and sometimes, I can fall asleep even and I mean that in a good way because her voice is just so soothing yet bubbly at the same time. As I said, I can listen to her for HOURS. Watch her vlogs and get to know what I mean if you’re not already part of her 350,000+ subscribers.

That’s it for now. I can easily name 5 more that I regularly stalk but it’s dinner time already and the antibiotics are making me extra hungry (and sleepy) these days. Cheers and sorry for the creepy stalkerish mode! I like to think of this as more of a fangirl moment as I really admire these bloggers (and many more I can easily name which I will do next time) for their style, wit, and incredible sass as they share with us their journey through the wonderful world of beauty.


7 thoughts on “On the Pedestal: That Thing Called Writing and the Beauty Bloggers I Stalk PART 1”

  1. OMG Katsy, anokaba! 😀 Hahaha, thank you for such nice words! It’s great to re-meet you after college, too. We really should hang out again soon, mas mahaba for more chika! And keep blogging! xx Ae

  2. Whoaa Katsy!!! You’re so sweet! ❤ Thank you for making my morning brighter today! ^^ While reading the first part I was like " I've met her, I'm sure she's the one beside me during the Asus event :O… maybe she didn't remember na" hahaha then there goes your next sentence. Ahh thank you so much for this! You have a nice blog and you definitely write better than me! 😀 keep it up! I'll see you soon! ^^ xoxo ❤

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