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Hi everyone! Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve actually addressed everyone here in my blog. I usually just feel like I’m talking to myself which I normally love but I honestly get really giddy every time someone comments on my posts with a question or what not. As a writer, I am really grateful to be read. Smile

addk x avon

You may be wondering what this “Shop” post is all about. This is a new category that I’ve put up here in the blog and in a Facebook page for the purpose of selling Avon Philippines products. Check out the about page:

ADDK x Avon Philippines is your online distribution portal for Avon products in collaboration with the blog, A Daily Dose of Katsy.


Growing up with the Avon brand, Katsy Faustino started as an Independent Franchise Dealer in 2012 for her personal purchases. She has since realized the potential and expanded the business by sharing the products with her personal contacts.
Encouraged by those she met who had no idea where to purchase, she has decided to open shop online at ADDK x Avon Philippines.
Through this page, you can access the current ebrochure and all the latest promos! PM to inquire and order.
Need any beauty advice, Avon and otherwise? Send a PM as well. 🙂
Katsy is a makeup enthusiast and a member of the Avon Makeup Council. Read through for her “beauty” adventures.


If you’re interested in purchasing Avon products, just LIKE the Facebook page, and send a PM to order. Here’s the latest ebrochure for the March 1-15 Campaign for your reference –

I will also keep on reviewing the products that I get to try and will post my honest feedback. As a consumer myself (and a really beauty-obsessive one at that), I value actual users’ experience with products and I am forever grateful to a lot of the beauty bloggers out there who tirelessly keep on reviewing their favorite and not-so favorite products. I have saved and splurged time and again because of them.

Thank you for reading my humble blog and I do hope that you guys will support my latest endeavor! Smile


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