The Wordpress x iPad Blogging System

So this is a trial post actually and not an actual post. I know i haven’t posted much in the past weeks but March has been crazy so far that I find myself out and about more than usual.

20140314-122303.jpg How do I put captions here?

Which leads me to testing out this blogging system that I used before comprising of the iPad, WordPress App and the nifty Camera Connector kit. I’m still not sure how to post the photos though in terms of the right size coz I don’t think that the pre set small, medium, large, original options will cut it. I think i’d have to learn the correct custom size for this. Here let me try again in large.

Hmmm.. What else to try out? A quote maybe?

not really a quote.

I think I have to delete this after, maybe, maybe not. I have to figure out this setup so I can post more on the go. Promise I’ll be back soon and with more posts! I already made a LOOOOOOOONG list so stay tuned! šŸ˜€


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