1/36 | 36 Cheers for 36 Years of Avon Philippines


This post officially kicks off my 36 cheers (posts) for 36 years of Avon Philippines. Every week, I’ll be posting an article (or two) featuring an Avon product or story to celebrate the 36 Years that Avon has been the Company for Women in the Philippines. I decided to do this series when I realized from my long list of posts to do that I had plenty of Avon reviews and stories to share as I am part of the Avon Makeup Council and an Avon Representative as well. I also tend to buy a lot of their products especially when I go to the branch to get the orders of my clients or when there’s a new brochure released.


To start, let me feature Avon’s latest lipstick line, the Ultra Color Absolute lipsticks. This will be a 4-part post series as I actually did 10 FOTDs to try out all the lipstick shades that PR gave me. I wanted to know which of the 10 fit my skintone best – morena, MAC NC40, yellow undertones. At the end of doing my FOTDs, I actually had around 7 of the shades marked as must-haves but let’s see if I can cut that list shorter still or if it will get longer as I do these comparison posts.

The Ultra Color Absolute lipstick line is the latest of Avon’s best-selling Lipsticks. Here’s the PR:

Draw extra attention to your gorgeous smile with the Ultra Color Absolute lipstick, featuring revolutionary Color + Care technology that provides your puckers medium coverage in a lovely, alluring hue… To ensure that lips receive the TLC they deserve, each tube is packed with six powerful beauty boosters that make them soft, supple, and kissable: vitamin E, Phytol, vitamin C, 50% moisturizing ingredients, sunscreen, and collagen.

As I used every single one of the 10 shades, I made sure to note if the lipsticks really lived up to its claim of caring for your lips while providing decent coverage. I wouldn’t know at this point of the long-term benefits but from what I’ve experienced so far, these lipsticks did not dry out my perennially parched lips. I can actually wear them out for an entire day and not have dry lips once removed. Do note that I have developed a sort of lip prep routine that I’ll probably share later on.


The 10 shades above from left to right – Pink Renewal, Lovely Fuschia, Warm Berry, Pure Orchid, Smooth Plum, Creamy Melon, Gorgeous Guava, Red Velvet, Lovely Cherry, Bare Ruby.

Here’s a preview of the 10 looks I did which I will post soon enough.

Avon Ultra Color Absolute

Stay tuned! Smile



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