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1/36 | 36 Cheers for 36 Years of Avon Philippines


This post officially kicks off my 36 cheers (posts) for 36 years of Avon Philippines. Every week, I’ll be posting an article (or two) featuring an Avon product or story to celebrate the 36 Years that Avon has been the Company for Women in the Philippines. I decided to do this series when I realized from my long list of posts to do that I had plenty of Avon reviews and stories to share as I am part of the Avon Makeup Council and an Avon Representative as well. I also tend to buy a lot of their products especially when I go to the branch to get the orders of my clients or when there’s a new brochure released.


To start, let me feature Avon’s latest lipstick line, the Ultra Color Absolute lipsticks. This will be a 4-part post series as I actually did 10 FOTDs to try out all the lipstick shades that PR gave me. I wanted to know which of the 10 fit my skintone best – morena, MAC NC40, yellow undertones. At the end of doing my FOTDs, I actually had around 7 of the shades marked as must-haves but let’s see if I can cut that list shorter still or if it will get longer as I do these comparison posts.

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Review + FOTDs | Avon Always On Point Reflective Eyeliner


I’ve always had a thing for the eyeliner because one, it’s quite easy to use, and two, it is versatility packed in one slim stick. I sometimes draw a thicker line than usual and just smudge it with my fingers and voila – instant eyeshadow! Admittedly though, this technique doesn’t work with all eyeliners. I think there are certain kinds that can be smudged easier. (Cue Google search now!) Anyway, I was really excited when I saw these new Always On Point Reflective Eyeliners from Avon. I have a small collection of retractable eyeliners and this one features the same ease but always with the pointed tip.


The two available shades I got were part of January’s Avon Makeup Council goodies – Molten Gunmetal and Molten Plum. As much as I loved a good colored eyeliner, I still had two violet ones that I am yet to use up so I was more excited for the Molten Gunmetal. A couple of years ago I went on an eyeliner search for that one shade that would match my then dying Clinique eyeliner that was a forever staple in all my makeup looks. It wasn’t even black but an almost black shade that showed up a bit like a blackish grey on me, kinda gunmetal-like which gave me that worn in liner look that I so loved then. Sorry if I sucked at describing that Clinique liner but really, all I wanted was for Molten Gunmetal to come close to that look.


I swatched the two and yes, these liners were true to the reflective part. Notice the shimmer that caught the light of my light bulb. I made two lines each to show the marvel that is the sharpener inside the cap which guaranteed a pointed liner – always! As much as I am partial to thicker lines, I find that I’ve been tightlining (or at least attempting to) more these days for that cleaner look. I like how the colors are buildable for a more striking stare. However, I find that the texture of these liners tend to be a bit softer than what I’m used to with the perfect point easily blunted before I achieve the line that I want.


See below? That’s how it gets quite quickly with a swipe or too. I have to do a couple of passes with the sharpening and lining part to get the look I prefer.


This video from Avon Philippines’ Youtube account shows you how to use the Avon Always On Point Reflective Eyeliner’s built-in sharpener.


To get this point below, always. I find it quite the ingenious little thing really.


I’ve been playing around with the two for weeks now and below is my Valentines Day FOTD using the eyeliner in Molten Gunmetal with my Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked Flushed palettes. I can’t remember the lipstick I wore on that day though.


Overall, I find that I fluctuate between just liking the Avon Always On Point Reflective Eyeliners to loving them depending on the look that I’m going for on that day. Like is for those days when I want a cleaner, tighter line while love is for those days when I feel like I’m a couple of years back and rocking (or at least I hope) a smokier line. That built-in sharpener thing is something I can’t get enough of even with the slightly softer texture. Retractable liners are the best for a lazy girl like me but this pointed tip just tops the cake. I do hope Avon releases more shades though in this particular line, one in a solid black preferably and please, with just the slightest hint of a firmer texture. I would recommend these existing ones in Molten Gunmetal and Molten Plum when playing with your makeup for a softer, more feminine look.


Here’s another FOTD using the Avon Always On Point Reflective Eyeliner in Molten Plum with the new Avon CC Cream in Nude (this is different from the CC Cream I previously reviewed and I just had to buy the two shades available to try. Will review ASAP), Avon Face Pearls, Mac Girl Boy Brow Set, and Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Villa Lante.


Review | Nars Final Cut Collection (Nordstrom Exclusive): Satin Lip Pencil in Villa Lante


I would like to tell a story about lip pencils and how I got into them after my whole love affair with lipgloss and before my still ongoing love affair with lipsticks. Yes, I am now a self-confessed lipstick semi-hoarder.

I would also like to tell the tale of how when I get into particular brands I tend to exhaust as much of my options as I possibly can and if only, budget permitting, I will try to collect a whole arsenal for the entire face application from that one brand I am into at the moment. Or at least the very basics of color – blush, eyeshadow, lipstick. Yes, I would very much like to tell that tale but for now, let me focus on my fascination that I have dubbed as my chronicles of Nars-nia.

I have to write a disclaimer at this point as transferring files take a lot of time and while waiting in the wee hours of dawn, I suddenly thought of finishing this review, finally, with words as the photos I have edited and laid out already approximately two weeks ago. And yes, I am incredibly sleepy as of this writing. But as with practically all talk on makeup, I feel my fingers typing and words coming out. Let me just reread this tomorrow when I wake up.

On to the review!


My Nars kick started with the Nars One Night Stand Palette that I am absolutely, 100% glad that I purchased. Those blushes are just divine and save for Laguna which I somehow don’t see showing up on my face (but maybe that’s better so that I won’t look overly sunburnt). I then turned my hoarding tendencies to the Narsissist Eye Palette and pre-ordered it from a local reseller but sadly, I have been informed that it has been backordered and she would have to refund my payment. I’m still contemplating quite heavily if I still want it though as if I don’t get it, I would have saved money for the upcoming Japan trip but I would not have a single Nars eyeshadow to my name. Which for all intents and purposes of my collect and curate method simply wouldn’t work as the said palette contains 15 of Nars eyeshadows already meaning I wouldn’t have to buy another Nars eyeshadow in my immediate lifetime. But let’s move on once again to the Nars Lip Pencil.

I had three objectives to this particular acquisition – 1. I wanted to try out the My Shopping Box service that comes free with a BDO Credit Card. 2. I wanted to try out a Nars Lip anything but was too scared to go for the bright pink of the Nars Schiap (yet I wasn’t too scared for MAC’s Candy Yum Yum apparently which is another story on its own). 3. I had to get something from the Nars Final Cut Collection which looked absolutely pretty in all its pink glory but was sadly a Nordstrom Exclusive.

I was successful in accomplishing these 3 but a word to the wiser – do not use My Shopping Box to purchase a single item close to a thousand pesos. I ended up spending almost 2k for this pencil alone which makes it more expensive than my precious Chanel Pygmalion. Sure Nordstrom sent me 3 free samples but still, I don’t think it was worth the shipping cost that the huge box incurred. I say huge as for a single Lip Pencil, two fragrance samplers, and one skin sampler, the box was unfortunately filled with tons of paper that could otherwise be replaced with bubble wrap but I don’t think they’ll go for that as I’m sure it would be a more expensive overhead.


But look at that color – a bright, blue-based pink that is sadly too cool-toned (maybe?) for my skintone. I got the Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil from the Nordstrom Exclusive Final Cut Collection as I have read great reviews on the Satin Lip Pencils more than the Velvet Matte ones. It is a tad pricier than my original favorite the Stila Lipglaze Sticks which unfortunately have been phased out. The color payoff though of the Nars is quite true to swatch and glides smoothly on. It is more a lipstick feel than a lipgloss one as it does not have that shiny glossed up effect. Sharpening feels wasteful though compared to the Clinique Chubby Sticks which run on auto mode.


However, the classic black and white Nars branding garners more chic points from me. The color of the Lip Pencil shown at the other end of the stick provides an added bonus but I have doubts for its appearance once you’re near that other end. Not to mention the fact that the name can easily be sharpened off and you’d have to guess after that. Or maybe just keep it in its box for easy labeling.


The swatch on the left is heavier by two swipes than the one on the right. It’s lighter than I would have liked but a little layering would solve the problem like Carina of Softly Sometimes advised me when I commented on her blog post for her own Nars Final Cut picks which you can check out here.


Here are some face shots I prepared with my natural lip color on the left and Villa Lante on the right.

villa lante look

I think I can work with the color on its own without layering but I have to pair it with a certain kind of eye makeup as without any on, I feel like it looks a tad too pale. If unpaired with eye makeup, I’d have to resort to a little bit of lip layering.

villa lante look2

Staying power is around 2-3 hours provided I don’t eat or drink anything but it does fade out to the faintest tint after a while. It also doesn’t do much for my perpetually dry lips because if I don’t properly prepare with a generous slathering of balm before the color swipe, I find that the Lip Pencil dries out my lips a bit. But not so much like the matte Candy Yum Yum which I love but I have to be extremely careful with.

villa lante look3

Overall I’d have to say that my first foray into the Nars Lip Pencil world was quite an expensive one and a 50/50 experience at that. I am not head over heels in love with the color and it’s not something that I would be wearing on a regular basis as it calls for a certain makeup look to make it work. I would still try though to pair it with a quick eyeliner look just to make it more worth it for me. I would probably get another Nars Lip Pencil along the way but it would be a longer way off as even though the convenience of the Lip Pencil which works as liner and lipstick in one gets plus points, I still feel the whole sharpening part a tad too wasteful for a relatively expensive product.