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Suits Rule(s)!: How to Wear Suits on

Sharing my latest article on as Suits Season 3 is back! Following Harvey Specter and Mike Ross on the TV screen has fast become one of my favorite past times. Their quick wit and charm perfectly draws together the cleverly crafted world of Suits.


*Suits Season 3 Promo Poster from

Check out the article so you too can wear your suit like Harvey and Mike! Smile

GET THE LOOK: How to wear a modern suit

And I debut my blog sign here too. Cheers!



Katsy’s Top 10: March

I know it has been a while since I last put out a monthly post but well, here I am again. 🙂 I was trying to figure out how to break my mini hiatus this past month and I decided to go with my tried and tested “hiatus” breaker which is basically a list taken from yet another list of my lined up posts. And then some.

So without further ado and much adulation (on my part yes, I know I’m being unnecessarily superfluous but maybe I missed writing this much), here’s this month’s Top 10.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5. ADDK Travels 2014 – I know I’ve just placed this item under 5 numbers but we’re going to Japan! This trip has been a long time coming with my friends and we have been waiting for this since well, last year when we booked this Piso fare tickets which we are pretty much suckers for. We can’t afford to travel business/first class yet so we’re pretty much used to these sale tickets. I’ve gone to a few trips via these sales (which I have wanted to blog about for the longest time) and this is the latest. Excited as we are, we still don’t have our final, final, final itinerary or accommodations and that is definitely a huge part of what I’ve been busy with. I still have to make a list of must-buy beauty items and I haven’t quite finished with my research.

Fonepad 7 Dual Sim ME175CG White

6. Asus Fonepad 7 – What’s this? I’m turning techie now?? Yeah maybe, just a bit. There are admittedly a few brands whose launches I keep track of and Asus is definitely one of them. I personally own 2 Asus laptops and there’s 2 more in the family which says a lot for brand preference. I’m still in love with my Sony Xperia Z Ultra but I’ve been contemplating heavily on getting the Fonepad 7 for my mother.


7. Sony SmartBand – Speaking of brand loyalty, I almost purchased the Sony Smart Watch 2 when it first came out but for one reason or another, I have held off from actually buying. Enter the latest evolution of wearable tech with the Sony SmartBand. I’m still trying to figure out how it would fit in my life but my first impression was that it would surely make for some yummy arm candy! Aesthetics aside, I particularly like it being waterproof which means I don’t ever have to think about it. It also logs in your daily activities for easy monitoring of whether you’re getting enough exercise etc. A major bummer though is that it will be released here in the Philippines in May! I’m going to have to go see if I can get it beforehand. For more of its features, I’m going to research about it and maybe post it with my whole Sony Mobile Lifestyle.

8. Apple iPad Mini Retina – why do I have the feeling that this is fast becoming a tech post? I’ve been seriously considering getting one to upgrade my iPad + WordPress + Camera Connector kit system. (Ok i’m going to have to stop tech talk here by skipping out on my supposed next entry which is the Panasonic GM1). Like I’ve previously mentioned in my trial post, I’ve been out and about most of the time which makes updating my blog just a tiny bit harder. I have come to love my stable blogging system with my laptop, camera, phone, iPad, external hard drive, press kits, notes, products, etc. all laid out on my desk and everywhere within reach. I do like to be thorough thank you very much. But with my new mobile lifestyle, I find that I have to adapt and right now, I am typing away on my Xperia Z Ultra because the iPad system is not set up yet. I’m all for efficiency and routine which is why I’m still figuring out and road testing the possibilities before totally embracing it. I also would love the lesser pound count that the Mini would bring to my travel kit which I have been preparing for quite some time now.


9. Bobbi Brown x L’Wren Scott Amnesia Rose Palette, Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes – Let’s have a moment of silence for L’Wren Scott. Google if you must know. I wrote down these items as I have been switching back and forth between purchasing and not purchasing. Our impending Japan Trip is going to cost us a lot which is why I’ve been cutting down on purchasing anything these past weeks. But these palettes and items have been tempting me plenty much. Should I? Could I? Would I? There’s still the new Clinique Blushes as well and my “need” for a brush cleaner and blot powder. Oh but Hakuhodo, you have been calling my name.


10. Avon – In celebration of International Women’s Month, Avon has been actively campaigning for the advocacy, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. #seethesigns. I will be writing about this and more as I start my 36 for 36 Years of AvonPH series on Avon Philippines, the brand, the business, and the products. 🙂 I have also disclosed a long time ago that I am also an Avon representative and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported my newly opened online Avon shop. My new goal is to try out as many Avon products as I can so I can aptly recommend the best for my clients.

That’s it for now and stay tuned as I end my mini-hiatus with more posts, products, previews, and photos! Cheers for the summer!!


The Wordpress x iPad Blogging System

So this is a trial post actually and not an actual post. I know i haven’t posted much in the past weeks but March has been crazy so far that I find myself out and about more than usual.

20140314-122303.jpg How do I put captions here?

Which leads me to testing out this blogging system that I used before comprising of the iPad, WordPress App and the nifty Camera Connector kit. I’m still not sure how to post the photos though in terms of the right size coz I don’t think that the pre set small, medium, large, original options will cut it. I think i’d have to learn the correct custom size for this. Here let me try again in large.

Hmmm.. What else to try out? A quote maybe?

not really a quote.

I think I have to delete this after, maybe, maybe not. I have to figure out this setup so I can post more on the go. Promise I’ll be back soon and with more posts! I already made a LOOOOOOOONG list so stay tuned! 😀