the journey restarts now

Introductions may be unnecessary but are still very much required. 😊

A Daily Dose of Katsy is my online happy place where I will post random little things that remind me of how incredibly blessed and truly grateful I am.

It will serve as my anchor as I wear the different hats I am required to wear every day as I take on challenge after challenge after challenge.

I do tend to write long and post more often with words and not pictures. But hopefully I’ll be able to change that as I transition into fully utilizing the gadgets I have acquired this year in my eternal search for efficiency.

I also tend to talk to myself a lot in order to work through my thoughts and this will be my outlet.

So welcome one and all! 😊

I will try to post daily as much as my schedule and workload permits.

See you, and hopefully my mind’s functioning again after a few hours of sleep. Emphasis on the few.

PS. This particular site is still relatively new hence the apparent lack of content.You can check out my blogger at in the meantime.