Here’s a (short) compilation of the articles I have online.

GET THE LOOK: How to wear a modern suit

Holiday Gift Guide 2013
PEP Gift Guide Day 5: Get radiantly clear skin like Rhian Ramos
PEP Gift Guide Day 6: Make Instant Memories with Sam Pinto
PEP Gift Guide Day 11: Go party-hopping with radio DJs Andi Manzano and Jessica Mendoza in comfy flats
PEP Gift Guide Day 13: Help build with Nene Tamayo and the UAP Emergency Architects
PEP Gift Guide Day 14: Keep your eyes cool this holiday season with Georgina Wilson
PEP Gift Guide Day 18: Watch Hunger Stop with Michael Kors and Daphne Oseña-Paez
PEP Gift Guide Day 22: An instant photo-printing gadget for social media maven Alyanna Martinez
PEP Gift Guide Day 40: How to have happy skin like Cheska Garcia
PEP Gift Guide Day 46: Get “Rajofied” with everyday items designed by Rajo Laurel
PEP Gift Guide Day 47: Cookies make Andrea Brillantes happy
PEP Gift Guide Day 55: Lauren Young is “juicing” her way to good health
PEP Gift Guide Day 56: Bubbles Paraiso piles on the good vibes this Christmas 

More on
Regine Velasquez-Alcasid auctions personal items for benefit of Typhoon Yolanda victims
Stars turn into superheroes, villains, pop stars and more for Halloween 2013
The Mega and the Songwriter searching for next Philippine Online Sensation on TV
Vhong Navarro samples rainy day fashion for men
Freestyle’s Top Suzara and Jinky Vidal launch new album titled Top and Jinky: Reunited

“Best of Summer” Series on
John Lloyd Cruz, Daniel Matsunaga and more in cool summer outfits
Best of Summer 2013: Bring out the Boys!
Summer 2013’s fab, bright and breezy casuals
Best of Summer 2013: Bright and Breezy Casuals
Best of Summer 2013: Sun and Sand Fun

Trendspotting on
TRENDSPOTTING. Go “nude” this summer
Wardrobe Week: A Splash of Contrasts in Nude
TRENDSPOTTING: Sunshine Cruz and other celebs keep the summer blues away in bright yellow hues
HAIR TREND: Marian Rivera, Angelica Panganiban and more sport long and straight
SUMMER HAIR: Long and straight
Before breaking the rules, master them


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